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September is the 2nd largest boom time of the year for divorce after January. The stress and strain of the summer holiday when normal routines are broken and families often end up spending a lot more quality time together can take its toll. If you have a good solid foundation to your marriage then you will be able to ride the waves when they appear. However if the marriage is already shaky then summer holidays can rock it to the core.

Families with kids will have their term time routine thrown into chaos as the children are off school for 6-8 weeks at a time. Partners often have different expectations of holiday time. I often hear that mum’s need a break from the children and Dad’s need a break from work. So arguments arise when nobody wants to do the mundane housework or entertain the kids all day long.

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Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Dennis D Henik Linda M Henik 09/06/1988 FL, Yuma
Alonzo Higgins Irma K Higgins 09/22/1989 FL, Yuma
Stanley L Hilt Sharon E Hilt 09/03/1976 FL, Yuma
Clifford E Howard Barbara A Howard 09/17/1985 FL, Yuma
Gary W Johnson Jennie Johnson 09/05/1972 FL, Yuma
Ervin E Kelley Jo Ann Kelley 09/20/1971 FL, Yuma
William C Kerner Linda J Kerner 09/21/1976 FL, Yuma
Oliver G Kofoed Lillian N Kofoed 09/14/1979 FL, Yuma
Gordon L Krause Lorie A Krause 09/15/1980 FL, Yuma
Stewart L Lotches Joyce E Lotches 09/03/1991 FL, Yuma
Gerald D Madsen Marilyn K Madsen 09/29/1988 FL, Yuma
Neil R Mcconnell Mary A Mcconnell 09/23/1983 FL, Yuma
Edgar J Meyer Ethel I Meyer 09/12/1973 FL, Yuma
Fredrick L Morris Peggy L Morris 09/04/1990 FL, Yuma
Stanley D Murphy Rhonda D Murphy 09/23/1983 FL, Yuma
Toby L Murphy Kristine M Murphy 09/06/1983 FL, Yuma
Rodney P Nesbitt Kathi A Nesbitt 09/18/1979 FL, Yuma
Steven Panos Meredith A Panos 09/17/1985 FL, Yuma
Scott R Pariset Gina D Pariset 09/05/1984 FL, Yuma
Wilbern G Pierson Carolyn B Pierson 09/17/1985 FL, Yuma
Ronald A Pinney Judy K Pinney 09/17/1984 FL, Yuma
Corlus L Quigley Yolanda J Quigley 09/16/1975 FL, Yuma
Wayne E Rasmussen Janice C Rasmussen 09/17/1984 FL, Yuma
Jerry D Reed Bonnie J Reed 09/24/1976 FL, Yuma
Stanley D Rogers Debra L Rogers 09/08/1987 FL, Yuma
Keith A Schorzman Jr. Vicki J Schorzman Jr. 09/03/1985 FL, Yuma
Harold G Schwartz Louise Schwartz 09/20/1977 FL, Yuma
George B Shard Arlene M Shard 09/17/1984 FL, Yuma
Jack L Sloniker Marian A Sloniker 09/29/1988 FL, Yuma
Alvin Smith Karen S Smith 09/29/1983 FL, Yuma
Danny L Sprouse Francis F Sprouse 09/03/1991 FL, Yuma
William D Struckmeyer Sandra C Struckmeyer 09/11/1987 FL, Yuma
Daniel C Sullivan Carol A Sullivan 09/27/1985 FL, Yuma
Robert G Trautman Sue K Trautman 09/17/1970 FL, Yuma
Eddie L Valdez Linda S Valdez 09/23/1983 FL, Yuma
Merlin A Van Deraa Ruth A Van Deraa 09/30/1991 FL, Yuma
David L Walz Joyce E Walz 09/06/1988 FL, Yuma
James D Weeter Mary L Weeter 09/16/1980 FL, Yuma
Richard M Wheeling Patty L Wheeling 09/29/1971 FL, Yuma
Louis Ybarra Linda L Ybarra 09/05/1972 FL, Yuma


The stigma around divorce is disappearing as it doesn’t have to be seen as a failure. You may have had a wonderful loving relationship that just came to an end. Maybe it fizzled out or maybe one of you ended it rather suddenly or painfully. However the truth is that divorce doesn’t have to a long lasting negative affect on your life. Of course there will be ups and downs and sadly there is no magic wand to take the pain away. But the reality is many people go on to be happy again and even get married again. It’s not the end, in fact it can be the start of a new and exciting phase in your life.


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