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September is the 2nd largest boom time of the year for divorce after January. The stress and strain of the summer holiday when normal routines are broken and families often end up spending a lot more quality time together can take its toll. If you have a good solid foundation to your marriage then you will be able to ride the waves when they appear. However if the marriage is already shaky then summer holidays can rock it to the core.

Families with kids will have their term time routine thrown into chaos as the children are off school for 6-8 weeks at a time. Partners often have different expectations of holiday time. I often hear that mum’s need a break from the children and Dad’s need a break from work. So arguments arise when nobody wants to do the mundane housework or entertain the kids all day long.

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Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Kevin S Barbosas Marci R Barbosas 09/27/1996 TX, Bell
Axel O Barrientos Rebekah L Barrientos 09/08/2004 TX, Bell
Bobby L Baugh Margaret G Baugh 09/30/2008 TX, Bell
Kevin C Bean Brandi K Bean 09/27/1998 TX, Bell
Freddie L Beasley Laura A Beasley 09/23/2005 TX, Bell
Derreck A Bell Erricka Y Bell 09/28/2007 TX, Bell
Terry A Bell Diedra R Bell 09/27/1982 TX, Bell
Devon J Belle Liney Q Belle 09/20/2007 TX, Bell
David C Bellfield Yvonne C Bellfield 09/04/1998 TX, Bell
Deangelo J Benjamin Patricia N Benjamin 09/08/2005 TX, Bell
Ted A Bentley Cammeron M Bentley 09/17/2002 TX, Bell
Matthew Berta Alexis N Berta 09/23/2004 TX, Bell
Antonio J Bizzard Lakieah C Bizzard 09/15/2006 TX, Bell
Zackary R Black Caitlin J Black 09/22/2008 TX, Bell
Robert L Blakey Genessa M Blakey 09/17/1996 TX, Bell
Sidney Bliss Sandra K Bliss 09/07/2002 TX, Bell
Curtis M Bohlin Lori H Bohlin 09/11/2001 TX, Bell
Josue Borren Monica Borren 09/12/2007 TX, Bell
Weldon L Boyles Brandalyne N Boyles 09/21/2002 TX, Bell
Christopher S Braden Jessica E Braden 09/15/2001 TX, Bell
Carlton C Bradley Melissa A Bradley 09/25/2006 TX, Bell
Sean P Brenke Chonghui K Brenke 09/23/1988 TX, Bell
Christopher Bridgewater Misty A Bridgewater 09/25/2006 TX, Bell
William J Brooks Gina M Brooks 09/09/2006 TX, Bell
Clayton H Bruton Wendy R Bruton 09/25/1999 TX, Bell
Michael L Bullock Latassel Bullock 09/17/1998 TX, Bell
Dustin C Burchett Luz M Burchett 09/29/2005 TX, Bell
James D Burks Alicia H Burks 09/18/1996 TX, Bell
Troy Byers-Short Keneisha N Byers-Short 09/01/2006 TX, Bell
Mark A Cantu Christina Cantu 09/27/2007 TX, Bell
Neil P Capps Ambre S Capps 09/17/2002 TX, Bell
Jose R Caraballo Judith E Caraballo 09/18/2000 TX, Bell
David Carmichael Veronica R Carmichael 09/19/1997 TX, Bell
Eric D Castle Lacey E Castle 09/06/2006 TX, Bell
Jermaine M Celestine Shameka M Celestine 09/26/2005 TX, Bell
Cedar G Cerdacruz Jean Cerdacruz 09/18/2004 TX, Bell
Marcus L Cerecerez Jessica S Cerecerez 09/27/2003 TX, Bell
Todd J Cetanyan Abby M Cetanyan 09/09/2002 TX, Bell
Michael F Chinigo Selena A Chinigo 09/20/1985 TX, Bell
Scott E Civay Bonnie G Civay 09/10/2003 TX, Bell
Mark A Cizek Monica K Cizek 09/18/1993 TX, Bell
Ira W Clark Katherine C Clark 09/25/2008 TX, Bell
Michael A Clark Monique A Clark 09/18/2008 TX, Bell
Timothy F Clark Melisha K Clark 09/06/2006 TX, Bell
William Clark Carmen Clark 09/23/1992 TX, Bell
Jose Claudio Debra A Claudio 09/01/2005 TX, Bell
Michael D Coble Cassidy M Coble 09/18/2004 TX, Bell
Lane W Coelin Donna D Coelin 09/25/2008 TX, Bell
Joshua Coghlan Shasta Coghlan 09/23/2006 TX, Bell
Dan Collins Deborah Collins 09/16/2006 TX, Bell
Richard Corona Listle Corona 09/19/2003 TX, Bell
Thomas F Cosby Carrie V Cosby 09/28/2003 TX, Bell
Barrett A Cowan Sarah N Cowan 09/06/2005 TX, Bell
Virgil D Cox Renee S Cox 09/30/2002 TX, Bell
John L Cramer Elizabeth L Cramer 09/27/1995 TX, Bell
Jason S Crawford Melissa R Crawford 09/02/2005 TX, Bell
Luis R Crespo Yessica Crespo 09/12/1998 TX, Bell
Albert Crookshank Michele Crookshank 09/02/2008 TX, Bell
Tyrell J Cuerdier Alyssa L Cuerdier 09/30/2005 TX, Bell
Kevin D Curry Jennifer A Curry 09/02/2005 TX, Bell
Ralph B Curts Kristen D Curts 09/18/2008 TX, Bell
Edwin Cutler Anna Cutler 09/13/2007 TX, Bell
Remi H Dallaire Angela D Dallaire 09/11/2008 TX, Bell
Richard A Danforth Theresa L Danforth 09/07/2006 TX, Bell
John O Danquah Nemat A Danquah 09/17/2003 TX, Bell
Jason K Davenport Brenda G Davenport 09/01/2001 TX, Bell
Roger D Dean Jordan S Dean 09/07/2004 TX, Bell
Noel C Delrosario Diane Delrosario 09/03/2004 TX, Bell
Richard A Dennull Ashley Dennull 09/04/2007 TX, Bell
Ronald P Dezern Jackie L Dezern 09/10/2004 TX, Bell
Noe Diaz Jennifer M Diaz 09/02/2005 TX, Bell
Douglas A Dittmer Trisha V Dittmer 09/30/2000 TX, Bell
Douglas L Dollinger Tameeka J Dollinger 09/10/2004 TX, Bell
Earl E Edgell Amy Edgell 09/15/2006 TX, Bell
Brian Edwards Madeline I Edwards 09/28/2001 TX, Bell
Brandon M Egli Marsha R Egli 09/23/2008 TX, Bell
Richard H Eldreth Dawn M Eldreth 09/26/1992 TX, Bell
Joseph A Elkins Jessica Elkins 09/16/1998 TX, Bell
Jonathan M Elliott Lindsey M Elliott 09/29/2007 TX, Bell
Paul D English Heather L English 09/01/2006 TX, Bell
Ryan J Enright Kendra R Enright 09/22/2008 TX, Bell
Randall C Faherty Cynthia A Faherty 09/01/1989 TX, Bell
Edward S Fegurgud Sheridan A Fegurgud 09/05/1980 TX, Bell
George E Fightmaster Debra J Fightmaster 09/12/2005 TX, Bell
Jason S Finkel Laura H Finkel 09/18/2006 TX, Bell
Anthony Fisher Lisa Fisher 09/11/1998 TX, Bell
Brandon A Fisher Renatia A Fisher 09/10/2003 TX, Bell
Scotty R Fleetwood Sara M Fleetwood 09/03/2005 TX, Bell
Alejandro R Flores Kim M Flores 09/18/2008 TX, Bell
Joseph E Formica Edith M Formica 09/21/2000 TX, Bell
Christopher L Fornal Barbara L Fornal 09/05/1999 TX, Bell
Cheyenne C Forsythe Fabiola E Forsythe 09/14/2000 TX, Bell
Richard W Fowler Cristi L Fowler 09/13/2003 TX, Bell
Jonathan A French Jessica L French 09/22/2008 TX, Bell
Dirk A Fulkerson Kristen D Fulkerson 09/18/2008 TX, Bell
William P Gano Olga M Gano 09/17/2005 TX, Bell
Christian P Garces Jennifer L Garces 09/12/2007 TX, Bell
Albert L Garcia Michelle Garcia 09/01/2006 TX, Bell
Alxeandro Garcia Anna M Garcia 09/06/1998 TX, Bell
Danny R Garner Stormy R Garner 09/15/2006 TX, Bell
Joe Garza Christina F Garza 09/14/2006 TX, Bell
Justin L Garza Rachel L Garza 09/30/2008 TX, Bell
David R Gerke Javauna R Gerke 09/25/2008 TX, Bell
Andrian G Ghisoiu Jenifer N Ghisoiu 09/22/2002 TX, Bell
Luke L Gibbs Holly E Gibbs 09/10/2005 TX, Bell
Mark A Gilbreath Mary J Gilbreath 09/15/1990 TX, Bell
Lonnie D Gilleland Jennifer L Gilleland 09/07/1993 TX, Bell
Floyd W Gilmore Sheree R Gilmore 09/25/1976 TX, Bell
Mark G Goddard Chelsea E Goddard 09/04/2008 TX, Bell
Richard J Gomez Lisa C Gomez 09/01/2006 TX, Bell
Robert Gonzales Lisa M Gonzales 09/01/1996 TX, Bell
Abran Gonzalez Yuridia D Gonzalez 09/12/2003 TX, Bell
David A Gonzalez Alexandra L Gonzalez 09/07/2007 TX, Bell
Joshua A Grage Amanda J Grage 09/25/2008 TX, Bell
Stephen Grant Melissa R Grant 09/19/2008 TX, Bell
Michael D Green Brianna R Green 09/21/1997 TX, Bell
Johnathan W Greiner Margrete L Greiner 09/05/2008 TX, Bell
Travis W Griesbach Katharine F Griesbach 09/20/2002 TX, Bell
Roy D Gross Angela L Gross 09/07/2007 TX, Bell
Jimmy D Guthrie Jennifer Guthrie 09/24/2008 TX, Bell
Thomas L Gwynn Amy L Gwynn 09/23/2002 TX, Bell
Jeffrey A Hall Danielle L Hall 09/11/1995 TX, Bell
Nicholas T Hands Shelly M Hands 09/05/2008 TX, Bell
Roland D Harper Norma L Harper 09/06/1996 TX, Bell
Bryan C Harvey Nathalia J Harvey 09/25/2006 TX, Bell
Joe W Hawkins Anne M Hawkins 09/24/2005 TX, Bell
Howard C Heath Rhonda S Heath 09/28/2001 TX, Bell
Jon W Heiner Kellie J Heiner 09/28/1991 TX, Bell
Brian M Hellar Krystal L Hellar 09/07/2005 TX, Bell
Dylan C Hendrix Jessica M Hendrix 09/22/2005 TX, Bell
Juan Hernandez Sandy J Hernandez 09/18/2004 TX, Bell
David W Hicks Lynnette P Hicks 09/04/2007 TX, Bell
Daniel D Higdon Camile I Higdon 09/01/2006 TX, Bell
Ronald W Hill Davy S Hill 09/14/2005 TX, Bell
Joel A Hillfman Desire M Hillfman 09/20/2001 TX, Bell
Anthony A Hines Emma Hines 09/03/2001 TX, Bell
Ryan T Hinsch Aising V Hinsch 09/02/2004 TX, Bell
Anthony D Holley Candace R Holley 09/23/2005 TX, Bell
Carl D Hopkins Sabrina L Hopkins 09/25/2006 TX, Bell
Edward L Howard Elizabeth M Howard 09/02/2008 TX, Bell
Ming K Hsia Jody R Hsia 09/24/2008 TX, Bell
Jeffrey Hulum Renee A Hulum 09/07/2002 TX, Bell
Andrew J Hunter Rabecca A Hunter 09/02/2005 TX, Bell
Aaron S Hyman Candice Hyman 09/17/2005 TX, Bell
Luis A Irizarry Daisy Irizarry 09/04/2008 TX, Bell
Jabari M Jackson Jamillah C Jackson 09/13/1999 TX, Bell
Charles T Jarosek Wendy D Jarosek 09/05/2005 TX, Bell
Justin R Jessee Marviel C Jessee 09/22/2006 TX, Bell
Douglas D Johnson Kristine L Johnson 09/02/1999 TX, Bell
Joshua S Johnson Ashley N Johnson 09/30/2003 TX, Bell
Thomas E Johnson Monaca J Johnson 09/07/1997 TX, Bell
Richard A Jolliff Andrea K Jolliff 09/03/2005 TX, Bell
Walter E Jones Cherry A Jones 09/26/1999 TX, Bell
Michael L Ju Michelle L Ju 09/01/2001 TX, Bell
Nelson Keeler Lana J Keeler 09/25/2008 TX, Bell
Patrick M Keener Kelly A Keener 09/08/2006 TX, Bell
Anthony J Kelly Eveta D Kelly 09/09/2002 TX, Bell
Randy W Kemp Janet A Kemp 09/27/1980 TX, Bell
Mark A Kerns Devlon Kerns 09/19/2006 TX, Bell
David D Kilne Crystal S Kilne 09/23/2008 TX, Bell
Jerry D Kimble Katina D Kimble 09/05/1986 TX, Bell
James E Klug Dana M Klug 09/20/2006 TX, Bell
Anthony M Knight Pamela O Knight 09/21/1980 TX, Bell
Scott A Knight Tabitha M Knight 09/03/2005 TX, Bell
David Knox Ashley C Knox 09/15/2006 TX, Bell
Gary E Kosel Caroline Kosel 09/22/1990 TX, Bell
Michael E Kuhn Marie Kuhn 09/13/2005 TX, Bell
Scott W Kuhn Jennifer L Kuhn 09/02/2005 TX, Bell
Tony D Kummet Amanda M Kummet 09/10/2005 TX, Bell
Tony T Lam Tiffany N Lam 09/01/2006 TX, Bell
Scott M Lambert Jordan B Lambert 09/02/2005 TX, Bell
Juan K Lands Desiree T Lands 09/20/2006 TX, Bell
Thomas E Lang Lisa A Lang 09/27/1998 TX, Bell
Jaysen T Lange Laura L Lange 09/01/2007 TX, Bell
Eric L Lashbrook Angela C Lashbrook 09/01/1991 TX, Bell
Quincy V Lawery Charmaine Lawery 09/03/1999 TX, Bell
T Le Tai Ngoc H Le Tai 09/23/2008 TX, Bell
E Sr Lewis Bj Lewis 09/11/2008 TX, Bell
H N Lewis Janna K Lewis 09/23/2005 TX, Bell
Marcus E Lindemann Gayle P Lindemann 09/10/2003 TX, Bell
Johnathon C Lockard Sarah M Lockard 09/15/2006 TX, Bell
Donald E Lofty Charlene R Lofty 09/07/2007 TX, Bell
Curtis O Logan Denise M Logan 09/09/2002 TX, Bell
Joseph M Lomba Melissa A Lomba 09/09/2001 TX, Bell
Andres A Longoria Amber A Longoria 09/27/1999 TX, Bell
Daniel J Lunces Denise N Lunces 09/03/2004 TX, Bell
Marcus S Magana Megan C Magana 09/11/2004 TX, Bell
Joshua F Mark April M Mark 09/03/2004 TX, Bell
William H Marr Natalie L Marr 09/13/2004 TX, Bell
Albert P Marsh Theresa C Marsh 09/16/1995 TX, Bell
Bryan D Martin Jessica L Martin 09/02/2006 TX, Bell
Jose A Mata Christina Mata 09/29/2000 TX, Bell
Henry J Mayes Tammy D Mayes 09/25/1999 TX, Bell
Eric S Mccants Cassandra K Mccants 09/21/2007 TX, Bell
Robert S Mcclellan Angeliane E Mcclellan 09/11/2004 TX, Bell
Willard P Mcclemone Meg A Mcclemone 09/02/2008 TX, Bell
Antonio W Mccullen Latosha R Mccullen 09/11/2008 TX, Bell
James L Mcdaniel Lisa M Mcdaniel 09/29/2006 TX, Bell
Justin L Mckinney Tiffany M Mckinney 09/28/2006 TX, Bell
John J Mclaughlin Amy E Mclaughlin 09/07/1999 TX, Bell


The stigma around divorce is disappearing as it doesn’t have to be seen as a failure. You may have had a wonderful loving relationship that just came to an end. Maybe it fizzled out or maybe one of you ended it rather suddenly or painfully. However the truth is that divorce doesn’t have to a long lasting negative affect on your life. Of course there will be ups and downs and sadly there is no magic wand to take the pain away. But the reality is many people go on to be happy again and even get married again. It’s not the end, in fact it can be the start of a new and exciting phase in your life.


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