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September is the 2nd largest boom time of the year for divorce after January. The stress and strain of the summer holiday when normal routines are broken and families often end up spending a lot more quality time together can take its toll. If you have a good solid foundation to your marriage then you will be able to ride the waves when they appear. However if the marriage is already shaky then summer holidays can rock it to the core.

Families with kids will have their term time routine thrown into chaos as the children are off school for 6-8 weeks at a time. Partners often have different expectations of holiday time. I often hear that mum’s need a break from the children and Dad’s need a break from work. So arguments arise when nobody wants to do the mundane housework or entertain the kids all day long.

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Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Buley R Conaway Mindy M Conaway 09/20/2005 TX, Anderson
James Flores Elizabeth D Flores 09/05/2006 TX, Anderson
Tyrone H Foley Brenda L Foley 09/21/2003 TX, Anderson
Allen B Hardin Heather B Hardin 09/24/2004 TX, Anderson
Rickie A Harley Deborah K Harley 09/04/2005 TX, Anderson
Michael W Johnson Randi L Johnson 09/12/2001 TX, Anderson
Chris L Jones Jennifer R Jones 09/28/2002 TX, Anderson
Lonnie L Lankford Rebecca D Lankford 09/22/1992 TX, Anderson
Cory D Marine Andrea Marine 09/03/2005 TX, Anderson
Walter H Mcdonald Gloria S Mcdonald 09/09/2006 TX, Anderson
William R Rios Shelia A Rios 09/28/1998 TX, Anderson
Harvey T Swan Laurie K Swan 09/27/1997 TX, Anderson
Thomas R Toombs Toni V Toombs 09/29/2003 TX, Anderson
Daniel Armenta Maria Armenta 09/11/1993 TX, Andrews
Alberto Buzo Esmeralda Buzo 09/30/2003 TX, Andrews
Nicolas T Campos Veronica B Campos 09/08/1991 TX, Andrews
Josue Emiliano Dinora L Emiliano 09/02/2005 TX, Andrews
Shanon R Lewis Bobbi J Lewis 09/29/1990 TX, Andrews
James D Norman Shalina G Norman 09/22/2005 TX, Andrews
Joe L Warnick Donna C Warnick 09/23/2003 TX, Andrews
Todd A Wilson Jacqulyn Wilson 09/27/2003 TX, Andrews
Edgar Hernandez Myriam Hernandez 09/04/1999 TX, Angelina
Bobby J Matthews Windy L Matthews 09/10/2006 TX, Angelina
Bobby J Matthews Windy L Matthews 09/03/2007 TX, Angelina
Kenneth Smith Dorothy M Smith 09/09/1977 TX, Angelina
Michael E Alder Rebecca A Alder 09/29/2001 TX, Angelina
Michael R Allen Amanda L Allen 09/05/2007 TX, Angelina
Kelvin B Alsobrooks Melissa N Alsobrooks 09/19/1998 TX, Angelina
Gregory A Bell Donna Bell 09/18/1998 TX, Angelina
Jack Brewer Angela Brewer 09/10/2007 TX, Angelina
Jose A Cardona Teresita Cardona 09/20/1980 TX, Angelina
Jason C Carpenter Misti D Carpenter 09/23/2003 TX, Angelina
Morris E Childers Lanette M Childers 09/23/1983 TX, Angelina
Benjamin M Cobb Tonya D Cobb 09/18/2004 TX, Angelina
Robert C Cook Bernice L Cook 09/12/2008 TX, Angelina
Miguel A Diaz Yesenia Diaz 09/29/2001 TX, Angelina
Louis G Dunham Donna M Dunham 09/02/1969 TX, Angelina
Jonathan P Ellis Patricia M Ellis 09/30/2005 TX, Angelina
James P Faircloth Brandy Faircloth 09/10/2004 TX, Angelina
Steven R Fancher Talline H Fancher 09/18/2004 TX, Angelina
Jerry L Gardner Cindy E Gardner 09/25/1980 TX, Angelina
James R Green Roxanne Green 09/25/2001 TX, Angelina
Roy E Grimes Angel D Grimes 09/24/1992 TX, Angelina
Jose L Guerrero Hilda Guerrero 09/30/1978 TX, Angelina
James R Havard Tina H Havard 09/28/2001 TX, Angelina
John A Hoeton Pamela A Hoeton 09/21/2007 TX, Angelina
Antwan D Holman Tenisha S Holman 09/18/1999 TX, Angelina
Duane A Horton Theresa M Horton 09/09/2005 TX, Angelina
Gregory B Johnson Cary J Johnson 09/12/2002 TX, Angelina
Robert M Jones Mary M Jones 09/16/2005 TX, Angelina
Steven B Kruithof Melissa K Kruithof 09/14/2002 TX, Angelina
Nicholas J Malone Kristy B Malone 09/18/2004 TX, Angelina
Stanley Mayoski Robin Mayoski 09/26/1992 TX, Angelina
Michael A Mccauley Michelle N Mccauley 09/01/1994 TX, Angelina
Melvin D Mcelroy Crystal D Mcelroy 09/30/2006 TX, Angelina
Jeffery W Mcrae Jeanie K Mcrae 09/14/1985 TX, Angelina
Daniel P Moody Polly Moody 09/21/2002 TX, Angelina
Melvin R Oliver Teresa Oliver 09/04/1992 TX, Angelina
Casey Putnam Amber Putnam 09/27/2003 TX, Angelina
Daniel J Quick Sally L Quick 09/12/1986 TX, Angelina
Gilbert B Rhodes Amy R Rhodes 09/05/1987 TX, Angelina
Brian K Ross Marsha A Ross 09/15/1993 TX, Angelina
John E Smith Sandra L Smith 09/03/2008 TX, Angelina
Bruce N Thompson Kellie J Thompson 09/22/2005 TX, Angelina
James R Thompson Rachelle H Thompson 09/16/2006 TX, Angelina
Juan F Urbina Bertha A Urbina 09/26/2004 TX, Angelina
Charles E Ward Lori A Ward 09/25/2007 TX, Angelina
Geremy Welch Clara E Welch 09/08/2006 TX, Angelina
Johnathan D Williams Melissa Williams 09/06/1987 TX, Angelina
Alan Baker Dawn Baker 09/27/2007 TX, Aransas
Kurt G Endres Geneva C Endres 09/03/2005 TX, Aransas
B G Stephanie R 09/27/2003 TX, Aransas
Willie D Hardy Julie A Hardy 09/09/1996 TX, Aransas
Johaquin Jalumo Shannan D Jalumo 09/14/2002 TX, Aransas
Clifford B Kidd Charleen R Kidd 09/10/2006 TX, Aransas
Larry K Kitchens Hephyirah L Kitchens 09/28/2002 TX, Aransas
Steven S Knutson Julie Y Knutson 09/29/2006 TX, Aransas
Michael K Mahoney Rebecca S Mahoney 09/11/1976 TX, Aransas
James E Parr Tracey L Parr 09/25/1998 TX, Aransas
John E Pulido Dana M Pulido 09/29/2008 TX, Aransas
Jeffreu K Sims Brandy L Sims 09/30/2000 TX, Aransas
Aaron M Thompson Cara A Thompson 09/17/2002 TX, Aransas
Genaro E Valdez Jessica N Valdez 09/27/2002 TX, Aransas
Roger C Vidal Margaret M Vidal 09/09/1989 TX, Aransas
Craig W Wright Terri L Wright 09/28/1986 TX, Aransas
Lawrence T Zink Monica T Zink 09/30/1997 TX, Aransas
James E Baldwin Charlene M Baldwin 09/17/2005 TX, Archer
Kery E Bowen Billie M Bowen 09/11/1997 TX, Archer
Brad Coughran Shelli Coughran 09/25/1999 TX, Archer
Barry L Hardin Dana R Hardin 09/01/1990 TX, Archer
Wiliam P Krauter Marceline Krauter 09/15/1997 TX, Archer
Jason J Meseck Lesley C Meseck 09/09/2001 TX, Archer
Kelly V Parchman Vonda K Parchman 09/08/2000 TX, Archer
Howard R Sizemore Kimbra J Sizemore 09/21/1996 TX, Archer
Rolynn G Stewart Robin J Stewart 09/11/2004 TX, Archer
John W Yauger Judy M Yauger 09/10/1988 TX, Archer
James R Gibson Susie D Gibson 09/13/2003 TX, Armstrong
Gary T Mann Cheri L Mann 09/17/1995 TX, Armstrong
Oscar E Estrada Deborah P Estrada 09/23/1977 TX, Atascosa
Richard Gonzales Tamara K Gonzales 09/26/1986 TX, Atascosa
Kenneth A Hickok Dede G Hickok 09/10/2005 TX, Atascosa
Charles R Mcrae Jennifer Mcrae 09/27/1986 TX, Atascosa
Scott Stanley Annette A Stanley 09/11/1999 TX, Atascosa
Fernando L Trevino Jamie L Trevino 09/29/2001 TX, Atascosa
Joe Zulaica Rebecca Zulaica 09/28/1985 TX, Atascosa
Scott J Davis Calista A Davis 09/14/2003 TX, Austin
Christopher E Dufour Kristie L Dufour 09/09/1995 TX, Austin
Brett E Ellison Karen R Ellison 09/13/2003 TX, Austin
Michael J Fisher Crystal L Fisher 09/13/2003 TX, Austin
Charles H Flannel Lola E Flannel 09/21/2007 TX, Austin
Scott L Hunter Lela A Hunter 09/12/1999 TX, Austin
Mark A Karonika Tanya F Karonika 09/08/2007 TX, Austin
Abraham L Kennard Kimberly A Kennard 09/24/1998 TX, Austin
Walter G Stagg Joyce Q Stagg 09/23/1966 TX, Austin
Pete H Walls Danielle D Walls 09/28/1998 TX, Austin
Jeffrey W Young Coreen D Young 09/10/1997 TX, Austin
Chad D Zeigler Melanie L Zeigler 09/15/2001 TX, Austin
Dwayne R Fuller Kristy M Fuller 09/27/2002 TX, Bailey
Robert W Neill Deborah Neill 09/30/2005 TX, Bandera
John L Baker Jaylun C Baker 09/06/2003 TX, Bandera
Thomas H Birkinshaw Rosalina Birkinshaw 09/15/2001 TX, Bandera
Julian B Calderon Booke A Calderon 09/15/2007 TX, Bandera
Bob Calo-Oy Starr Calo-Oy 09/07/1985 TX, Bandera
Roy R Enyart Cheryl A Enyart 09/30/2006 TX, Bandera
John L Johnson Barbara J Johnson 09/15/1988 TX, Bandera
Shaun A Macmillan Keri K Macmillan 09/09/2006 TX, Bandera
Benjamin O Martinez Diane M Martinez 09/05/2008 TX, Bandera
Miles L Marxer Alexandra M Marxer 09/24/2002 TX, Bandera
Jose G Ramirez Susana M Ramirez 09/14/2003 TX, Bandera
Ben W Taylor Sonya M Taylor 09/27/1980 TX, Bandera
Aaron S Adams Cynthin D Adams 09/05/2008 TX, Bastrop
John-Michael Alloy Jennifer J Alloy 09/30/2006 TX, Bastrop
Kerry L Bratcher Dara K Bratcher 09/15/2005 TX, Bastrop
Miguel A Carcano Mayra M Carcano 09/10/1996 TX, Bastrop
Bryan S Cook Derense N Cook 09/11/1995 TX, Bastrop
Jonathan B Cravens Raechele J Cravens 09/12/1999 TX, Bastrop
Lee E Davis Raymah M Davis 09/10/1983 TX, Bastrop
Michael E Debutts Melanie L Debutts 09/25/1999 TX, Bastrop
James D Ellingson Melissa J Ellingson 09/14/1996 TX, Bastrop
Cody A Fogle Summer Fogle 09/12/2008 TX, Bastrop
Armando Guerrero Edith C Guerrero 09/28/1992 TX, Bastrop
Patrick W Hudson Samantha M Hudson 09/17/2004 TX, Bastrop
Dustin B Huskey Pamela Huskey 09/21/2001 TX, Bastrop
Tommy W Ivy Barbara A Ivy 09/22/1980 TX, Bastrop
Boyd M Johnson Susan S Johnson 09/16/2008 TX, Bastrop
James C Johnson Jessica B Johnson 09/01/2006 TX, Bastrop
Hank D Kennedy Connie L Kennedy 09/20/2003 TX, Bastrop
Terry C Linder Jewell A Linder 09/05/2008 TX, Bastrop
Thomas A Machals Laura L Machals 09/19/1992 TX, Bastrop
Ray C Maynard Amy M Maynard 09/24/1994 TX, Bastrop
Troy W Neisen Shenna A Neisen 09/16/2008 TX, Bastrop
Billy J Posas Jance S Posas 09/16/2008 TX, Bastrop
Gregg L Raven Laura A Raven 09/10/2006 TX, Bastrop
Glen L Reynolds Claudia A Reynolds 09/18/2006 TX, Bastrop
Jose J Rivera Faris E Rivera 09/23/2008 TX, Bastrop
David M Stepp Sherrie L Stepp 09/05/2008 TX, Bastrop
Paul E Thompson Laurie R Thompson 09/16/2008 TX, Bastrop
Eric T Trevino Griselda Trevino 09/27/1996 TX, Bastrop
Damien J Truitt Monica R Truitt 09/19/2002 TX, Bastrop
George A Urban Deanna M Urban 09/09/2004 TX, Bastrop
Arnulfo Valdez Vickie J Valdez 09/27/1995 TX, Bastrop
Terry Carnahan Kristina Carnahan 09/22/2007 TX, Baylor
Kevin K Enos Misty L Enos 09/04/2004 TX, Baylor
Chris A Jakubicek Rebecca J Jakubicek 09/02/1995 TX, Baylor
Johnie Watson Jennifer Watson 09/25/1999 TX, Baylor
Raymond F Aymani Luz C Aymani 09/15/1994 TX, Bee
Benjamin Baggio Patricia A Baggio 09/09/2000 TX, Bee
Vance L Butler Cherry A Butler 09/19/1995 TX, Bee
Michael G Colavito Sonia T Colavito 09/16/1999 TX, Bee
Adrien Elizondo Lilly A Elizondo 09/28/2001 TX, Bee
Arnulfo Fonseca Linda B Fonseca 09/15/2001 TX, Bee
Juan M Gonzales Ruby Gonzales 09/29/1994 TX, Bee
Jeremy A Hiprogo Elizabeth L Hiprogo 09/24/2001 TX, Bee
Michael H Latham Cheryl D Latham 09/04/1996 TX, Bee
Setrick L Medellin Michelle Medellin 09/08/1996 TX, Bee
Roel Vasquez Maria L Vasquez 09/10/1983 TX, Bee
Damian W Welder Shawn M Welder 09/23/1995 TX, Bee
William S Williams April D Williams 09/16/1995 TX, Bee
Michael L Boos Jacqueline T Boos 09/16/2005 TX, Bell
Michael A Garcia Elisea Garcia 09/18/1993 TX, Bell
Michael A Garcia Wendi B Garcia 09/12/1992 TX, Bell
Frank Hernandez Susan G Hernandez 09/11/2005 TX, Bell
Casey N Martin Colette Martin 09/17/1991 TX, Bell
Casey N Martin Colette Y Martin 09/17/1991 TX, Bell
Levi Adamas Amber L Adamas 09/09/1999 TX, Bell
Robert L Adrian Kathie L Adrian 09/02/1994 TX, Bell
Justin R Agbayani Cheryll A Agbayani 09/24/2006 TX, Bell
Amador Aguiller Jasmin Aguiller 09/15/2000 TX, Bell
Charles Alexander Karen L Alexander 09/17/1996 TX, Bell
Harold M Alexander Chaka L Alexander 09/29/2003 TX, Bell
Darrell J Allen Melissa O Allen 09/08/2004 TX, Bell
James R Allison Denise L Allison 09/11/1999 TX, Bell
Steven J Alston Rebecca J Alston 09/29/2006 TX, Bell
Eric T Anderson Crystal D Anderson 09/23/2005 TX, Bell
Clyde M Andrade Anita L Andrade 09/24/1990 TX, Bell
Renaldo Y Armstrong Mirjam Armstrong 09/06/2003 TX, Bell
Erik J Asberry Konsheia A Asberry 09/03/2005 TX, Bell
Javid Aslam Deborah L Aslam 09/06/1997 TX, Bell
Alexander C Avila Gloria Avila 09/07/2007 TX, Bell
Christopher S Balde Michelle Y Balde 09/23/2008 TX, Bell


The stigma around divorce is disappearing as it doesn’t have to be seen as a failure. You may have had a wonderful loving relationship that just came to an end. Maybe it fizzled out or maybe one of you ended it rather suddenly or painfully. However the truth is that divorce doesn’t have to a long lasting negative affect on your life. Of course there will be ups and downs and sadly there is no magic wand to take the pain away. But the reality is many people go on to be happy again and even get married again. It’s not the end, in fact it can be the start of a new and exciting phase in your life.


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