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According to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Illinois:

First Marriages: 45% to 50% marriages end in divorce

Second Marriages:  60% to 67% marriages end in divorce

Third Marriages:  70% to 73% marriages end in divorce.

What does this mean?  That marriage is not a safe bet or something to be entered into lightly.  Especially if you are getting married for a second or third time.

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Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Irene F Chaparro Flavio Chaparro 10/03/1977 FL, Weld
Patricia Chasegentry David P Chasegentry 10/05/1989 FL, Weld
Joanna Chavarria Aurelio Chavarria 10/17/1988 FL, Weld
Irma L Chavez Luis Chavez 10/13/1978 FL, Weld
Jodeanna Chavez Gary F Chavez 10/27/1989 FL, Weld
Jose C Chavez Tillie Chavez 10/21/1987 FL, Weld
Margo C Chrisman John N Chrisman 10/28/1980 FL, Weld
Carol D Christiansen Charles S Christiansen 10/17/1983 FL, Weld
Carol M Churchwell John Churchwell 10/22/1976 FL, Weld
Joseph R Cipriano Sharon A Cipriano 10/24/1972 FL, Weld
Kenneth M Cissna Linda S Cissna 10/16/1975 FL, Weld
Byars K Clark Cynthia A Clark 10/30/1984 FL, Weld
Edna M Clarke Leon L Clarke 10/15/1982 FL, Weld
James Clarke Katherine Clarke 10/31/1978 FL, Weld
H J Clute Nova J Clute 10/14/1975 FL, Weld
Mary L Cochrane Curtis J Cochrane 10/01/1987 FL, Weld
William E Coffey Barbara K Coffey 10/06/1971 FL, Weld
John P Cogley Marilynn M Cogley 10/24/1974 FL, Weld
Francisc A Columbus Manuel J Columbus 10/21/1983 FL, Weld
Dianna L Combs Terrance Combs 10/29/1982 FL, Weld
Jane E Conklin James R Conklin 10/03/1989 FL, Weld
David C Connell Diana K Connell 10/16/1975 FL, Weld
Kenneth J Cooksey Margaret A Cooksey 10/02/1973 FL, Weld
Catherin E Coolbaugh Clive Coolbaugh 10/13/1981 FL, Weld
Alan A Cordova Maria A Cordova 10/18/1974 FL, Weld
Hilario C Cordova Helen L Cordova 10/20/1975 FL, Weld
Paul Cordova Belinda Cordova 10/09/1991 FL, Weld
Griselda Corpus Carolos B Corpus 10/25/1989 FL, Weld
Chonita Cosper Brian D Cosper 10/24/1980 FL, Weld
Debra A Cottingham Vincent W Cottingham 10/23/1986 FL, Weld
Robert W Couch Betty D Couch 10/30/1985 FL, Weld
Adell F Cox Anthony A Cox 10/06/1987 FL, Weld
Larry J Cox Barbara A Cox 10/21/1988 FL, Weld
Lynnette Cox David Cox 10/30/1985 FL, Weld
Norman G Cox Judith A Cox 10/10/1986 FL, Weld
Roy E Cozbey Helen R Cozbey 10/23/1989 FL, Weld
Norma J Crawshaw Frank A Crawshaw 10/26/1978 FL, Weld
Vicki L Crespin Kenneth P Crespin 10/16/1989 FL, Weld
Lovenia F Crowell Calvin G Crowell 10/20/1983 FL, Weld
Dora A Crowl Jimmie D Crowl 10/07/1987 FL, Weld
Mark T Cruz Kim R Cruz 10/30/1989 FL, Weld
Alice A Cuestas Enrique Cuestas 10/29/1987 FL, Weld
Randy M Cummings Rhonda S Cummings 10/01/1979 FL, Weld
Charles Cunningham Shirley Cunningham 10/30/1985 FL, Weld
Kathryn J Curtis Douglas R Curtis 10/28/1980 FL, Weld
Allan L Daggett Dorothy A Daggett 10/05/1972 FL, Weld
Karen M Dahlgren Richard E Dahlgren 10/13/1989 FL, Weld
Tommy W Dalton Debra A Dalton 10/19/1973 FL, Weld
Trinidad Damian Jr Saundra L Damian Jr 10/22/1974 FL, Weld
Gayle E Daughtrey Johnatha N Daughtrey 10/23/1987 FL, Weld
Amalia B Davila Francisc O Davila 10/09/1991 FL, Weld
Betty D Davis Mark B Davis 10/25/1988 FL, Weld
Noel E Davisson Marilyn J Davisson 10/04/1971 FL, Weld
Felix V De Buse Lilian L De Buse 10/08/1970 FL, Weld
Brian Dean Debra Dean 10/13/1987 FL, Weld
Chris L Debey Karen Debey 10/26/1979 FL, Weld
Judith A Decamp Marion D Decamp 10/20/1987 FL, Weld
Iris R Deering James T Deering 10/14/1986 FL, Weld
Edwin Deines Laura E Deines 10/10/1986 FL, Weld
Alice J Demarse Anthony J Demarse 10/13/1988 FL, Weld
Betty J Demersseman James C Demersseman 10/06/1988 FL, Weld
Donna L Deporter Arthur A Deporter 10/17/1983 FL, Weld
Linda E Depriest James G Depriest 10/05/1990 FL, Weld
Kimberly Deroo Brent A Deroo 10/31/1990 FL, Weld
David D Dersham Janice E Dersham 10/31/1984 FL, Weld
Myrlo M Devereaux Donald L Devereaux 10/27/1981 FL, Weld
Linda M Dicken Ronald D Dicken 10/09/1980 FL, Weld
Sharon J Dickerson John H Dickerson 10/29/1982 FL, Weld
Cynthia M Diekman Richard P Diekman 10/28/1986 FL, Weld
Clifford D Dilka Patricia L Dilka 10/27/1975 FL, Weld
Karen K Dilka Lanny W Dilka 10/15/1991 FL, Weld
Richard D Dill Margaret S Dill 10/03/1991 FL, Weld
Evelyn C Dimmitt Kenneth Dimmitt 10/24/1985 FL, Weld
Barrie G Dixon Elizabet H Dixon 10/29/1979 FL, Weld
Elaine Dobis Robert F Dobis 10/15/1980 FL, Weld
Betty A Dobkins Homer W Dobkins 10/14/1976 FL, Weld
Jody Dockery Dallas Dockery 10/17/1990 FL, Weld
Delbert A Doerschlag Olga Doerschlag 10/20/1970 FL, Weld
Jeanne Doll John E Doll 10/24/1985 FL, Weld
Norma R Dominguez David R Dominguez 10/21/1988 FL, Weld
Johan L Dorman Sara C Dorman 10/30/1989 FL, Weld
Shirley D Dorsey Lewis E Dorsey 10/21/1976 FL, Weld
John Downey Tina M Downey 10/19/1990 FL, Weld
Cheryl K Downing Larry K Downing 10/12/1976 FL, Weld
Rebecca Drewer Charles H Drewer 10/08/1981 FL, Weld
Paul A Drovdal Sheila R Drovdal 10/21/1981 FL, Weld
Robert W Drtina Linda D Drtina 10/10/1991 FL, Weld
Kimberly Duggan Jeffery S Duggan 10/18/1984 FL, Weld
Evon Dugger Wayne A Dugger 10/05/1982 FL, Weld
Frank I Duhadway Judith K Duhadway 10/30/1978 FL, Weld
Marlene V Dunham Walter R Dunham 10/31/1983 FL, Weld
Carol S Dunning Russell E Dunning 10/16/1981 FL, Weld
Richard J Dunning Candace L Dunning 10/07/1987 FL, Weld
Robert J Duran Irene J Duran 10/31/1984 FL, Weld
Shirley A Duran Thomas Duran 10/06/1989 FL, Weld
Linda L Eckhardt Donald W Eckhardt 10/10/1979 FL, Weld
Martha Y Eckhardt Larry J Eckhardt 10/20/1986 FL, Weld
Dan Edwards Wendy G Edwards 10/15/1976 FL, Weld
Lois I Ehrlick Daniel P Ehrlick 10/18/1982 FL, Weld
John Ells Jr Louise L Ells Jr 10/16/1974 FL, Weld
Mahmood Emami Kimberly Emami 10/27/1989 FL, Weld
Kerry Ence Coleen Ence 10/05/1973 FL, Weld
Kathleen Engels John R Engels 10/26/1981 FL, Weld
Susan A Erickson Glen D Erickson 10/04/1971 FL, Weld
Harold J Erker Betty J Erker 10/25/1974 FL, Weld
Teresa Eson Miller Alan R Eson Miller 10/29/1990 FL, Weld
Ernestin E Esparza Rodolfo Esparza 10/22/1981 FL, Weld
Jesse E Esparza Dorothy M Esparza 10/23/1973 FL, Weld
Nikki F Espinoza Paul Espinoza 10/16/1984 FL, Weld
Josephine Esquibel Donn J Esquibel 10/03/1978 FL, Weld
Mary F Esquibel Arthur J Esquibel 10/18/1982 FL, Weld
Andonio Estrada Betty M Estrada 10/05/1990 FL, Weld
Dwight G Beverly Francis R Beverly 10/18/1976 FL, Yuma
Stafford P Gartin Margery Gartin 10/21/1980 FL, Yuma
Neale P Lower Barbara Lower 10/02/1972 FL, Yuma
Arthur E Meads Joyce D Meads 10/25/1985 FL, Yuma
Matthew C Winslow Bernice Winslow 10/03/1979 FL, Yuma
Matthew C Winslow Tamela L Winslow 10/31/1983 FL, Yuma
Ricky W Aagesen Bette L Aagesen 10/15/1982 FL, Yuma
Rodney E Akey Ladonna E Akey 10/17/1983 FL, Yuma
Lloyd E Allen Victoria L Allen 10/29/1970 FL, Yuma
Rudolph J Anzlovar Linoa L Anzlovar 10/10/1989 FL, Yuma
Bruce E Arntt Laretta K Arntt 10/01/1984 FL, Yuma
William A Bliven Susan A Bliven 10/01/1984 FL, Yuma
Robert Borgmann Kathleen A Borgmann 10/17/1977 FL, Yuma
Kirby L Boxberger Cheryann Boxberger 10/25/1985 FL, Yuma
Philip L Cruse Beverly K Cruse 10/20/1975 FL, Yuma
William H Day Cheryl R Day 10/16/1972 FL, Yuma
Joe J Diaz Georgia L Diaz 10/31/1983 FL, Yuma
Richard C Dietz Eva L Dietz 10/08/1986 FL, Yuma
Thomas Flores Laura Flores 10/02/1979 FL, Yuma
Thomas A Gagnon Julie K Gagnon 10/07/1985 FL, Yuma
Jere D Goodman Ruth E Goodman 10/16/1986 FL, Yuma
David L Hardwick Julie J Hardwick 10/18/1976 FL, Yuma
Steve Herbert Josephine Herbert 10/20/1977 FL, Yuma
Ronnie D Higgens Rema J Higgens 10/27/1986 FL, Yuma
Kenneth L Highberger Patricia J Highberger 10/15/1979 FL, Yuma
Gary D Hill Lynn B Hill 10/13/1987 FL, Yuma
Daniel N Hoffman Catherin A Hoffman 10/20/1988 FL, Yuma
Terry D Hougan Susan G Hougan 10/16/1979 FL, Yuma
Donald W Jacobs Vergenia M Jacobs 10/19/1978 FL, Yuma
Grant L Jones Margaret F Jones 10/20/1972 FL, Yuma
Daniel J Korf Connie R Korf 10/17/1983 FL, Yuma
Walter A Lewis Katherin A Lewis 10/14/1982 FL, Yuma
Franklin D Lightle Rhonda L Lightle 10/03/1985 FL, Yuma
Kurt D Lott Diana L Lott 10/03/1978 FL, Yuma
Jerry H Mccloud Alice J Mccloud 10/17/1983 FL, Yuma
Bobby D Mckee Patricia J Mckee 10/10/1989 FL, Yuma
Kenneth V Mckinney Wava C Mckinney 10/20/1975 FL, Yuma
Jerry E Mcpherson Pamela M Mcpherson 10/22/1986 FL, Yuma
Larry A Mead Judy L Mead 10/13/1978 FL, Yuma
Oliver D Metzler Peggy L Metzler 10/31/1986 FL, Yuma
Henry J Miranda Jacalyn K Miranda 10/18/1976 FL, Yuma
Cecil J Mireles Donna M Mireles 10/03/1978 FL, Yuma
Daryle E Neukirch Shelly J Neukirch 10/20/1977 FL, Yuma
Robert L Oestman Betty I Oestman 10/07/1985 FL, Yuma
Troy F Patterson Sherrell M Patterson 10/26/1989 FL, Yuma
Douglas V Payne Mary K Payne 10/20/1988 FL, Yuma
Carl M Poenisch Rebecca D Poenisch 10/06/1986 FL, Yuma
John T Powers Maxine P Powers 10/31/1983 FL, Yuma
Philip K Prentice Victoria L Prentice 10/17/1977 FL, Yuma
Gerald E Rathmann Patricia A Rathmann 10/08/1970 FL, Yuma
Joseph M Rico Tammy D Rico 10/04/1982 FL, Yuma
Cody S Rose Janet R Rose 10/15/1991 FL, Yuma
Steven A Scott Devona M Scott 10/17/1983 FL, Yuma
Richard L Shaffer Cheryl L Shaffer 10/18/1976 FL, Yuma
Robert P Shapard Betty Shapard 10/31/1986 FL, Yuma
Niles E Stansfield Ardith E Stansfield 10/17/1985 FL, Yuma
Walter R Thomas Ida M Thomas 10/15/1979 FL, Yuma
Gary L Wells Leora M Wells 10/15/1990 FL, Yuma
William L Wilson Judith L Wilson 10/29/1987 FL, Yuma
David E Witte Jeannett S Witte 10/04/1982 FL, Yuma

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