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Every year, world organizations such as the UN record global divorce rates. According to recorded data, the marriage and divorce statistics are dramatically changing due to a number of poignant factors. Most common reasons include:

Drug/alcohol addiction
Physical/mental abuse

The reasons are quite a lot, and we haven’t even mentioned other irreconcilable factors that cause couples to call it quits and end their marriage.

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Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Travis R Irwin Laura L Irwin 11/06/2004 TX, Bee
Curtis R Jones Julie Jones 11/06/1982 TX, Bee
Patrick Leal Lydia C Leal 11/23/2006 TX, Bee
Scott T Brogan Jennifer N Brogan 11/20/2003 TX, Bell
Angelo T Dixon Jennifer J Dixon 11/15/2001 TX, Bell
Angelo T Dixon Jennifer J Dixon 11/15/2001 TX, Bell
Demetrius Hall Mary S Hall 11/03/1990 TX, Bell
Demetrius Hall Mary S Hall 11/03/1990 TX, Bell
Buck A Albritton Amber Albritton 11/15/2007 TX, Bell
Enrique M Aleman Han U Aleman 11/20/1978 TX, Bell
Brandon D Allums Demitria S Allums 11/28/2007 TX, Bell
Hany G Amin Deborah A Amin 11/18/2002 TX, Bell
Curtis L Anderson Ieasa L Anderson 11/01/2004 TX, Bell
Joseph D Anderson Beth E Anderson 11/06/2000 TX, Bell
Donald B Ashby Elizabeth Ashby 11/01/2001 TX, Bell
Thomas G Atkinson Kimberly M Atkinson 11/28/2005 TX, Bell
Luis C Ayala Martha L Ayala 11/11/2005 TX, Bell
Eddie W Baker Debra Y Baker 11/21/2005 TX, Bell
Monte L Barron Michelle Barron 11/03/2003 TX, Bell
Jeffrey A Batson Jennifer G Batson 11/06/2008 TX, Bell
Christopher D Beighle Yvette M Beighle 11/29/2002 TX, Bell
Roberto Beltran Nancy Beltran 11/23/2001 TX, Bell
Matthew J Bendza Trina R Bendza 11/13/2004 TX, Bell
Justin D Bennett Jennifer E Bennett 11/09/2007 TX, Bell
Jeremy Bernheisel Ulrike Bernheisel 11/22/2001 TX, Bell
Christopher R Bethel Sara J Bethel 11/28/2005 TX, Bell
Thelton D Bingham Lanora J Bingham 11/25/2008 TX, Bell
Mark E Brewer Rhonda G Brewer 11/23/2007 TX, Bell
Adam R Brosch Mary K Brosch 11/22/2005 TX, Bell
Kerry K Broussard Queen M Broussard 11/15/2003 TX, Bell
Donald L Brown Melissa A Brown 11/22/1990 TX, Bell
Nigarer W Brown Tammie L Brown 11/17/2001 TX, Bell
Tyrone P Burnett Joyce A Burnett 11/22/2006 TX, Bell
Paul F Bush Marcia A Bush 11/24/2003 TX, Bell
Glenn J Butler Maiko Butler 11/17/2006 TX, Bell
Waymond B Butler Misty D Butler 11/26/2005 TX, Bell
Jeffrey J Campbell Ladonna G Campbell 11/07/2007 TX, Bell
Shawn K Campbell Julie J Campbell 11/08/2003 TX, Bell
Alexander Carvajal Teri A Carvajal 11/07/2005 TX, Bell
Ricky Casterlow Iona C Casterlow 11/02/1999 TX, Bell
Roy A Castillo Samantha A Castillo 11/06/2007 TX, Bell
Charles E Catlett Tammy L Catlett 11/26/2000 TX, Bell
Minsuk Cha Seong M Cha 11/02/2005 TX, Bell
Adney R Chambers Linda S Chambers 11/05/1977 TX, Bell
Shawn Chappell Besty Chappell 11/23/1998 TX, Bell
Martin Chavez Andrea Z Chavez 11/25/2000 TX, Bell
Rafeal Chavez Jeanette J Chavez 11/15/2003 TX, Bell
Ryan T Chinn Cathleen Chinn 11/23/2005 TX, Bell
Roanld E Chipkin Karolyn Chipkin 11/27/1994 TX, Bell
Michael A Cifers Amy S Cifers 11/28/2001 TX, Bell
Luis D Clemente Lizbeth R Clemente 11/10/1996 TX, Bell
Dustin W Cluver Natasha L Cluver 11/05/2005 TX, Bell
Brian S Cook Cynthia L Cook 11/17/1997 TX, Bell
Donald A Cook Teri A Cook 11/24/2004 TX, Bell
Nathan A Copas Courtney V Copas 11/02/2001 TX, Bell
Eric J Copeland Jill E Copeland 11/01/2005 TX, Bell
Luis M Cortes-Melendez Caroline V Cortes-Melendez 11/03/2005 TX, Bell
Stanley D Crable Jennifer M Crable 11/26/2007 TX, Bell
Christopher S Crowell Jaime L Crowell 11/24/1999 TX, Bell
William E Culp Lisa M Culp 11/04/2002 TX, Bell
Steven J Daniels Rosa M Daniels 11/24/1997 TX, Bell
Andrew Danielson Erin Danielson 11/19/2008 TX, Bell
James H Davidson Deanna D Davidson 11/16/2001 TX, Bell
John J Delao Christi D Delao 11/19/1999 TX, Bell
Dharwin N Delarna Joan D Delarna 11/22/2002 TX, Bell
Antonio E Delgado Jessica L Delgado 11/05/2002 TX, Bell
Michael T Dennis Maria E Dennis 11/05/2005 TX, Bell
Gary D Despres Andrea G Despres 11/01/2006 TX, Bell
Richard R Diaz Korina L Diaz 11/07/1987 TX, Bell
Joseph K Dickerson Shewanna L Dickerson 11/27/2004 TX, Bell
Antoine D Downs Lakia S Downs 11/03/2005 TX, Bell
Tommy L Duerson Katie E Duerson 11/13/2007 TX, Bell
Brian D Dunahoo Anternett M Dunahoo 11/16/1991 TX, Bell
Reed G Dunn Sandra L Dunn 11/12/1994 TX, Bell
Shane B Eastman Deidre A Eastman 11/05/2007 TX, Bell
Brandon P Edelbrock Angela L Edelbrock 11/26/1999 TX, Bell
Bradley D Edwards Stacy M Edwards 11/28/1992 TX, Bell
Roland C England Lurleen England 11/05/2001 TX, Bell
James L Enochs Marianne M Enochs 11/03/2000 TX, Bell
Collin Estell Tonya M Estell 11/15/2003 TX, Bell
Chen J Feng Nina J Feng 11/20/2004 TX, Bell
Kevin C Fenwick Ly A Fenwick 11/23/1991 TX, Bell
Robert L Fillmore Cindy L Fillmore 11/11/1999 TX, Bell
Samuel F Fisher Tabitha R Fisher 11/13/2007 TX, Bell
Gregory N Fletcher Holly K Fletcher 11/08/2002 TX, Bell
Jose G Flores Tammy R Flores 11/08/2001 TX, Bell
Dan Ford Rita V Ford 11/25/1995 TX, Bell
James R Ford Josephine Ford 11/11/1999 TX, Bell
Joshua J Fuller Heather D Fuller 11/19/2007 TX, Bell
Jon D Fulton Ronda A Fulton 11/23/1997 TX, Bell
Davis A Galbreath Chanda B Galbreath 11/05/2004 TX, Bell
Sergio Galvez Jhovana M Galvez 11/08/1997 TX, Bell
Juan R Garcia Patricia J Garcia 11/21/1975 TX, Bell
Michael S Garcia Rosemry Z Garcia 11/18/1998 TX, Bell
Michael B Gartland Kelly K Gartland 11/12/2005 TX, Bell
Jacob D Garza Kristyna R Garza 11/18/2006 TX, Bell
Keith Gavin Stephanie D Gavin 11/22/2003 TX, Bell
Roger S Gazo Giselle J Gazo 11/25/1998 TX, Bell
Corey D Gerald Chandrika D Gerald 11/20/1998 TX, Bell
Verne L Gibb Carmen K Gibb 11/24/2005 TX, Bell
John P Gidley Tyra J Gidley 11/17/2006 TX, Bell
Michael P Gill Heather J Gill 11/01/1999 TX, Bell
John R Glass Natasha R Glass 11/18/2005 TX, Bell
Elvin Gonzalez Tanya E Gonzalez 11/28/1996 TX, Bell
Joel Gonzalez Cora Gonzalez 11/25/2005 TX, Bell
Stanly D Gray Vanesse P Gray 11/04/2005 TX, Bell
Enrico J Guiliante Hope J Guiliante 11/15/2002 TX, Bell
Collin A Guillotte Christina N Guillotte 11/26/2006 TX, Bell
David N Guthrie Honey R Guthrie 11/06/1993 TX, Bell
Lorenzo V Guzman Maria S Guzman 11/21/1959 TX, Bell
George A Gwaltney Renee A Gwaltney 11/11/1996 TX, Bell
Todd Habitzreuther Christine Habitzreuther 11/25/2005 TX, Bell
Vance R Hale Mysti L Hale 11/04/2006 TX, Bell
Maurice L Hamburg Catherine M Hamburg 11/10/2006 TX, Bell
Adam A Hamilton Krystal M Hamilton 11/01/2006 TX, Bell
Jared H Hanson Robin P Hanson 11/08/2006 TX, Bell
Jeffrey P Harley Kriston L Harley 11/11/2005 TX, Bell
Arthur L Harmon Marissa N Harmon 11/19/2008 TX, Bell
David C Harris Sher D Harris 11/10/2007 TX, Bell
Richard E Hauck Deana C Hauck 11/21/1991 TX, Bell
Cory D Henderson Nisha K Henderson 11/17/2001 TX, Bell
Lance L Henderson Donna J Henderson 11/27/2004 TX, Bell
Steven Hernandez Melissa A Hernandez 11/09/2004 TX, Bell
Joe W Hill Zuwena Hill 11/17/1995 TX, Bell
Frederick Hillard Cuswana Hillard 11/02/2005 TX, Bell
Cameron Hines Tonya L Hines 11/05/2003 TX, Bell
Benjamin A Hooten Andrea N Hooten 11/01/2005 TX, Bell
Fabian Hudson Bridget L Hudson 11/29/1997 TX, Bell
James A Huntley Sarah E Huntley 11/22/2001 TX, Bell
William C Ingram Heather C Ingram 11/10/2005 TX, Bell
Brandon R Jackson Natasha N Jackson 11/26/2005 TX, Bell
Richard B Jackson Colenta S Jackson 11/30/1995 TX, Bell
Gilbert M Jaramillo Marlene Jaramillo 11/04/2008 TX, Bell
Chistley Jenkins Elizabeth Jenkins 11/25/1978 TX, Bell
Deron P Johnson Christina R Johnson 11/20/1997 TX, Bell
Franklin Johnson Kim Y Johnson 11/08/1988 TX, Bell
Leonard L Johnson Syretta G Johnson 11/24/2000 TX, Bell
Robert D Johnson Annemarie Johnson 11/17/1995 TX, Bell
Andrew J Jones Brittany V Jones 11/02/2005 TX, Bell
Jerone D Jones Tabetha C Jones 11/17/1999 TX, Bell
Michael S Jones Melissa D Jones 11/08/2002 TX, Bell
Robert C Jorgensen Cassandra N Jorgensen 11/05/2005 TX, Bell
Chad A Joyner Rachel N Joyner 11/10/2004 TX, Bell
Klaus Juergen Jennifer J Juergen 11/10/2005 TX, Bell
David Kaiser Myong S Kaiser 11/01/2001 TX, Bell
Damion A Kearse Kassandra Y Kearse 11/28/1998 TX, Bell
Nelson N Keelerr Lana J Keelerr 11/10/2008 TX, Bell
Joseph B Kelley Dena L Kelley 11/27/2003 TX, Bell
Eric T Klotte Amanda M Klotte 11/04/2006 TX, Bell
Christopher S Knox Steacy T Knox 11/05/2005 TX, Bell
Charles F Krarse Faith A Krarse 11/23/2000 TX, Bell
Logan C Lake Lisa D Lake 11/13/2006 TX, Bell
Jim H Lancaster Donna M Lancaster 11/15/1990 TX, Bell
David R Larmay Judy A Larmay 11/01/2004 TX, Bell
James E Larue Debra A Larue 11/22/2007 TX, Bell
Jon R Lindley Latricia R Lindley 11/06/2000 TX, Bell
Joshua T Locke Amanda R Locke 11/09/2002 TX, Bell
Michael Long Melisa S Long 11/24/1999 TX, Bell
William C Lord Tracie D Lord 11/03/2005 TX, Bell
Luis C Luna Elsa L Luna 11/21/2005 TX, Bell
Tedrick D Lyons Laticia P Lyons 11/28/2005 TX, Bell
Martin T Madrigal Cierra A Madrigal 11/06/2006 TX, Bell
James A Martham Haley F Martham 11/01/2007 TX, Bell
Burton L Martin Yvonne R Martin 11/13/2000 TX, Bell
John H Martinez Nicole M Martinez 11/24/2000 TX, Bell
Brent L Mattson Elizabeth A Mattson 11/26/1997 TX, Bell
Kenneth R Mauyberry Brenda D Mauyberry 11/28/2001 TX, Bell
Antonio E Maxwell Radonda R Maxwell 11/12/1993 TX, Bell
George C May Janet L May 11/06/1999 TX, Bell
Sammie C Mays Yvette R Mays 11/11/1987 TX, Bell
Wilbert N Mcbride Linda E Mcbride 11/06/2004 TX, Bell
Ernest J Mccarty Sonja Mccarty 11/26/2008 TX, Bell
Christopher Mccoy Brittney R Mccoy 11/11/2005 TX, Bell
Travis W Mcdecke Deanna M Mcdecke 11/14/2001 TX, Bell
Derick L Mcdonald Vicky L Mcdonald 11/08/2006 TX, Bell
Emmanuel D Mcdonald Georgette Mcdonald 11/09/1999 TX, Bell
Jose E Mcfadden Kayla M Mcfadden 11/17/2005 TX, Bell
Steven P Mcmaster Joy-Therese Mcmaster 11/07/2005 TX, Bell
Brian E Mcmillan Amy L Mcmillan 11/15/2002 TX, Bell
Harry W Mcullion Hope L Mcullion 11/14/2005 TX, Bell
Arturo Mendoza Maria A Mendoza 11/30/2003 TX, Bell
Scott R Mesko Nina L Mesko 11/07/2005 TX, Bell
Michael C Middleton Sondra L Middleton 11/21/1993 TX, Bell
Jason A Mills Michelle L Mills 11/08/2002 TX, Bell
Eric D Monk Mary L Monk 11/05/2001 TX, Bell
Rodney Moore Shawana M Moore 11/11/2001 TX, Bell
Charles M Morris Heather J Morris 11/28/2006 TX, Bell
Justin C Morris Karina S Morris 11/08/2005 TX, Bell
Charles E Odom Sheena G Odom 11/13/2003 TX, Bell
Nicholas A Ogden Michelle M Ogden 11/17/2005 TX, Bell
James R Ogle Jennifer L Ogle 11/13/2006 TX, Bell
Samson C Ojiyi Maria S Ojiyi 11/08/1989 TX, Bell
Phillip D Olivas Cassandra C Olivas 11/29/2003 TX, Bell
Marcial A Orellana Jennifer Orellana 11/04/1998 TX, Bell
Christopher R Ortiz Brittney L Ortiz 11/03/2006 TX, Bell
Benjamen M Pacheco Bridget J Pacheco 11/08/2002 TX, Bell
Marvin J Padgett Jennifer L Padgett 11/22/1997 TX, Bell
David G Page Christina M Page 11/12/2004 TX, Bell
Matthew R Parsons Jennifer A Parsons 11/12/2005 TX, Bell
Regis T Payne Gloria R Payne 11/01/2001 TX, Bell

The grounds for divorce in the United States are classified into two: at-fault and no-fault. At-fault divorces used to be the only way to put marriage into an end; and if the couple had differences, this prevents both of them from marrying another person legally. However, fault divorces can be avoided with certain defenses.

No-fault divorces, on the other hand, requires no allegation or putting the blame on either party. Common reasons that fall under no-fault category include irreconcilable differences, incompatibility, and unavoidable breakdown of marriage.

Research has it that men who get high incomes are less likely to end up changing their marital status to ‘divorced’. Unfortunately, women with higher incomes have lesser chances of getting married. In most instances, couples with lower income have higher possibility to get a divorce due to financial strains.


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