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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COTheresa M Gearing David W GEARING November 29, 1988
Adams County, COPaul A Geary Donald K GEARY October 19, 1977
Adams County, COCarol Geary Steven GEARY
Adams County, COGeary Rose Johnc GEARY February 21, 1995
Adams County, CORobert L Gebers Shirley L GEBERS November 3, 1971
Adams County, COMichael L Gebhart Gina A GEBHART July 31, 1998
Adams County, COTeresa L Gedney Gregory M GEDNEY June 5, 1985
Adams County, COWendy M Geels John J GEELS November 28, 2001
Adams County, COLinda K Gehle Daniel J GEHLE March 6, 1985
Adams County, COVirginia Gehrig Ricky D GEHRIG February 5, 1986
Adams County, COJoleene K Geiger Randall J GEIGER May 8, 1979
Adams County, COStacy M Geiger Christopher D GEIGER July 16, 2001
Adams County, COKathleen J Geiger Donald C GEIGER February 3, 1983
Adams County, CODonald C Geiger Dorothy M GEIGER May 17, 1979
Adams County, COJames Geiselhart Joyce GEISELHART May 27, 1988
Adams County, COTimothy Geiser Florence GEISER
Adams County, COWilliam C Geisler Ann M GEISLER March 8, 1974
Adams County, COAnn Geisler Dennis GEISLER March 21, 1983
Adams County, COBetty J Geisler Weldon P GEISLER April 8, 1983
Adams County, COLinda K Geisler Jerrell L GEISLER November 25, 1985
Adams County, COPatricia L Geist John R GEIST September 17, 1992
Adams County, COBonnie M Geist Ronald J GEIST April 15, 1994
Adams County, COSteven J Geitzenauer Lavonna J GEITZENAUER October 26, 1993
Adams County, COMary F Gelok Rex B GELOK January 9, 1985
Adams County, COSuzanne L Gallegos Gallegos GENE October 26, 1984
Adams County, COJimmy L Beck Beck GENEVA January 12, 1973
Adams County, COLeo G Gengler Darlene H GENGLER November 19, 1987
Adams County, COCarolyn Gentile Russell J GENTILE September 8, 1993
Adams County, COBianca L Gentrup Luke C GENTRUP August 21, 2001
Adams County, COSamuel Gentry Martha GENTRY March 29, 1972
Adams County, COMichael B Gentry Deanna G GENTRY July 28, 1987
Adams County, COTeresa M Gentry Michael D GENTRY November 9, 1990
Adams County, COCindyl Gentry Michael R GENTRY September 16, 1993
Adams County, COMichael H Gentry Linda E GENTRY September 21, 1989
Adams County, COVickie A Gentry Kit E GENTRY
Adams County, CODennis P Gentry Betty J GENTRY December 15, 1977
Adams County, COLou A Gentry Anthony M GENTRY March 28, 1990
Adams County, COJoan A Gentzler Gary D GENTZLER April 28, 1989
Adams County, COJohn R Geonetta Mary A GEONETTA January 13, 1981
Adams County, COCheryl E George Mark E GEORGE
Adams County, COGeorge R Clyde Kathryn A GEORGE January 24, 1978
Adams County, COGeorge C Alison William L GEORGE April 17, 1992
Adams County, COMaria B George Ronald A GEORGE
Adams County, CORonald Kgeorge Sandra L GEORGE March 15, 1983
Adams County, COGeorge F Jeanette Nicholas M GEORGE September 27, 1985
Adams County, COBetty L George David A GEORGE February 25, 1991
Adams County, COMonda L Georges Joseph D GEORGES January 16, 1991
Adams County, CODiane Lichtenberger Daniel Lichtenber GER January 9, 1998
Adams County, CODonna Gerace Carmen GERACE October 1, 1992
Adams County, COJames R Donald Donald M GERALDINE October 3, 1968
Adams County, CODonald B Saiz Saiz GERALDINE February 25, 1977
Adams County, CODeborah Orozco Orozco GERARDO January 5, 1998
Adams County, COHenry E Erb Anna GERB July 15, 1991
Adams County, COJames R Gerdeman Kriss A GERDEMAN June 11, 2001
Adams County, COBruce Gerdes Kim A GERDES February 1, 1995
Adams County, COMarilyn Gerdes Gary G GERDES December 1, 1980
Adams County, COElizabeth Gerecht Kenneth A GERECHT June 28, 1979
Adams County, COMary Gerecht John A GERECHT March 17, 1992
Adams County, COLouise E Gerhardt Andrew P GERHARDT September 29, 1994
Adams County, CORussell A Gericke Robin L GERICKE January 7, 1999
Adams County, COPhilip R Gerke Donna S GERKE
Adams County, COMichael A Gerlach Kelly J GERLACH May 1, 1991
Adams County, CODaniel L Gerlick Lana K GERLICK October 19, 1992
Adams County, COKatherine Gerloff Robert D GERLOFF January 7, 1982
Adams County, COTerrence M Germaine Judith E GERMAINE September 15, 1978
Adams County, COBrenda L Germann Mark GERMANN September 29, 1997
Adams County, COWilliam E Gerner Alice L GERNER January 14, 1972
Adams County, CORay Beverly Ray A GERRY December 13, 1983
Adams County, CORichard L Gerstberger Patricia GERSTBERGER March 17, 1977
Adams County, COStacey L Gerstner Steven GERSTNER
Adams County, COLloyd J Gerten Mary A GERTEN March 2, 1979
Adams County, COEric J Gertson Denise A GERTSON December 29, 1992
Adams County, CORobert F Getsfred Dorothy J GETSFRED January 22, 1971
Adams County, COMichael W Gettel Julianna S GETTEL
Adams County, COCheryle Y Gettman Richard L GETTMAN September 19, 1980
Adams County, COJames D Getz Rita A GETZ August 28, 1979
Adams County, COKarl L Geyer Lisa B GEYER February 9, 1989
Adams County, CODawn M Geyer Warren L GEYER September 25, 2003
Alamosa County, COJack J Geiser Gloria J GEISER January 8, 1981
Alamosa County, COKenneth E Gallegos Gallegos GERALDINE
Alamosa County, CORobert A Lawrence Lawrence GERTRUDE October 18, 1982
Arapahoe County, COGeorge L Gear Jane M GEAR
Arapahoe County, COSusan M Weinstock Thomas R GEARHART January 16, 2004
Arapahoe County, CORowland W Gearhart Kathleen M GEARHART February 4, 1985
Arapahoe County, COMargaret A Geary Allan G GEARY
Arapahoe County, COFrank J Geary Patricia M GEARY January 14, 1993
Arapahoe County, COBrian Gebauer Victoria GEBAUER
Arapahoe County, COJohn A Gebhardt Juditha GEBHARDT September 3, 1971
Arapahoe County, COJeffrey G Geddes Joanna M GEDDES
Arapahoe County, CODeborah A Gedemer Lawrence F GEDEMER April 22, 1985
Arapahoe County, COCarol N Gedo Luis F GEDO March 1, 1988
Arapahoe County, COSusan M Gee Michael R GEE May 13, 1999
Arapahoe County, COMichael R Gee Diana L GEE July 23, 1970
Arapahoe County, CORobert Lgee Lois E GEE January 4, 1972
Arapahoe County, COWilliam L Strode Julia A GEE August 29, 1995
Arapahoe County, COKristie L Gee Antonio K GEE April 25, 1997
Arapahoe County, CORobert W Geer Tommie B GEER
Arapahoe County, COEli H Gehman Beverly A GEHMAN January 19, 1978
Arapahoe County, COArnold J Gehring Susan B GEHRING April 5, 1990
Arapahoe County, COElizabeth A Geiger Christopher GEIGER March 19, 1997

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