Divorce Records | December

Lack of commitment is the most common reason given by divorcing couples according to a recent national survey. Here are the reasons given and their percentages:
communication problems
loss of connection
infidelity/trust issues
physical or emotional abuse
alcohol and drug addiction
financial problems
work/time pressures
family interference
physical health or mental health issues

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Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Carole S Dodge Jim W Dodge 12/20/1978 FL, Weld
Myrna Dominguez Ramon A Dominguez 12/10/1984 FL, Weld
John P Donley Sandra K Donley 12/10/1985 FL, Weld
Edith K Dorman Johan L Dorman 12/13/1977 FL, Weld
Tom R Dorsz Deborah L Dorsz 12/15/1978 FL, Weld
Kevin E Dougherty Sharon A Dougherty 12/24/1986 FL, Weld
Bernadet T Downing Larry Downing 12/24/1986 FL, Weld
Shirlee M Drake Norman W Drake 12/23/1977 FL, Weld
Jack E Dugger Doris G Dugger 12/26/1972 FL, Weld
David W Duncan Judith E Duncan 12/31/1986 FL, Weld
Ellen K Duncan John A Duncan 12/19/1977 FL, Weld
Judith F Duncan David W Duncan 12/31/1986 FL, Weld
Kathryn L Durr Edward W Durr 12/23/1975 FL, Weld
Jimmy D Eades Jane Y Eades 12/03/1990 FL, Weld
Terry A Easley Lowell C Easley 12/24/1975 FL, Weld
Evelyn J Easton Charles W Easton 12/18/1989 FL, Weld
Donna Edmunds Timothy L Edmunds 12/12/1977 FL, Weld
Angela A Edwards Mark Edwards 12/01/1987 FL, Weld
Diane M Ehrenstrom Scott L Ehrenstrom 12/23/1982 FL, Weld
Darlene M Ehrlich William F Ehrlich 12/12/1989 FL, Weld
Richard Ehrlich Cynthia A Ehrlich 12/07/1988 FL, Weld
Rita L Ellenbecker Dennis Ellenbecker 12/01/1977 FL, Weld
Donald D Elliott Joan F Elliott 12/10/1970 FL, Weld
Lester English Dollie E English 12/15/1981 FL, Weld
Raymond A English Cathy M English 12/20/1971 FL, Weld
Scott M English Cynthia S English 12/13/1971 FL, Weld
Elmer D Ensz Dell Ensz 12/20/1973 FL, Weld
Robert W Erbelding Joann Erbelding 12/20/1990 FL, Weld
Fidel Estrada Aurelia M Estrada 12/01/1971 FL, Weld
Duard D Deselms Kathleen D Deselms 12/03/1984 FL, Yuma
Neale P Lower Nancy A Lower 12/28/1970 FL, Yuma
Michael S Moore Tylene J Moore 12/28/1970 FL, Yuma
Ronald F Parker Janice I Parker 12/06/1971 FL, Yuma
Michael D Wisdom Carrie L Wisdom 12/12/1975 FL, Yuma
Dain D Wise Leona A Wise 12/04/1989 FL, Yuma
David R Asher Cynthia G Asher 12/05/1983 FL, Yuma
Desmond D Brophy Delpha J Brophy 12/06/1977 FL, Yuma
John M Brown Sandra L Brown 12/27/1976 FL, Yuma
Larry L Brown Roberta A Brown 12/01/1980 FL, Yuma
Jack W Buck Barbara J Buck 12/02/1985 FL, Yuma
Charles J Capansky Mary J Capansky 12/20/1973 FL, Yuma
Ronald R Charles Julia M Charles 12/20/1976 FL, Yuma
Jerry L Childers Bette L Childers 12/09/1977 FL, Yuma
Roby H Church Barbara L Church 12/27/1984 FL, Yuma
Virgil J Clark Erma J Clark 12/03/1984 FL, Yuma
David Flores Sandra Flores 12/03/1984 FL, Yuma
Joes M Flores Debra M Flores 12/17/1975 FL, Yuma
Roscoe D Frink Peggy L Frink 12/06/1977 FL, Yuma
Marion C Gentry Carol J Gentry 12/21/1971 FL, Yuma
Robert D Gingles Monica A Gingles 12/01/1980 FL, Yuma
Lyle D Grauberger Sharon L Grauberger 12/22/1971 FL, Yuma
Michael D Hall Teresa K Hall 12/01/1980 FL, Yuma
Dennie D Henik Carol J Henik 12/15/1977 FL, Yuma
Clarence L Herrick Vickie E Herrick 12/07/1987 FL, Yuma
Richard W Holden Gay A Holden 12/31/1980 FL, Yuma
William M Hood Carin M Hood 12/04/1989 FL, Yuma
Allen H Jones Barbara J Jones 12/04/1970 FL, Yuma
Kelly J Juranek Doretta Juranek 12/03/1984 FL, Yuma
Clifford L Korf Rosetta M Korf 12/09/1982 FL, Yuma
Richard C Lapp Roletta K Lapp 12/11/1987 FL, Yuma
F. D Lightle Barbara Lightle 12/13/1982 FL, Yuma
Kathryn S Martinac Kathryn S Martinac 12/06/1982 FL, Yuma
Robert P Martindale Karla J Martindale 12/06/1982 FL, Yuma
Kevin K Mekelburg Gail D Mekelburg 12/16/1991 FL, Yuma
Leroy Mekelburg Marilyn K Mekelburg 12/07/1987 FL, Yuma
Randy M Meusborn Leona N Meusborn 12/04/1980 FL, Yuma
Danny L Nelson Cheryl L Nelson 12/30/1983 FL, Yuma
Homer E Newton Helen Newton 12/18/1969 FL, Yuma
Thomas V Pearson Cheryl Pearson 12/19/1983 FL, Yuma
Jerald D Peters Janice M Peters 12/12/1975 FL, Yuma
Jack M Pixler Delores M Pixler 12/15/1977 FL, Yuma
Timothy M Powell Catherin A Powell 12/03/1990 FL, Yuma
Richard Pryor Cynthia G Pryor 12/07/1987 FL, Yuma
John C Quick Mary E Quick 12/15/1977 FL, Yuma
Marvin G Ritchey Leona M Ritchey 12/17/1987 FL, Yuma
Gary L Sandquist Mike E Sandquist 12/06/1982 FL, Yuma
Stephen F Seagraves Barbara L Seagraves 12/02/1975 FL, Yuma
James A Sheffield Frances R Sheffield 12/18/1972 FL, Yuma
Steven E Shinn Mary L Shinn 12/26/1984 FL, Yuma
Allen F Tedder Sandra J Tedder 12/15/1975 FL, Yuma
Victor Weickum Donna F Weickum 12/01/1969 FL, Yuma
Kent A Welp Lori A Welp 12/15/1986 FL, Yuma
Mark S Wesling Linda L Wesling 12/06/1971 FL, Yuma
Jerry Williams Janice Williams 12/23/1968 FL, Yuma
William D Witte Edith M Witte 12/07/1987 FL, Yuma
Toby J Wood Shellie F Wood 12/12/1990 FL, Yuma

According to the CDC, the five states with the highest divorce rates are:

Nevada at 5.6
West Virginia at 5.2
Arkansas at 5.3
Idaho at 4.9
Oklahoma at 5.2

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