Divorce Records | December

Lack of commitment is the most common reason given by divorcing couples according to a recent national survey. Here are the reasons given and their percentages:
communication problems
loss of connection
infidelity/trust issues
physical or emotional abuse
alcohol and drug addiction
financial problems
work/time pressures
family interference
physical health or mental health issues

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Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Fidencio Aguinaga Susie A Aguinaga 12/24/1998 TX, Bell
Jd E Allen Crystal A Allen 12/19/2003 TX, Bell
Jose A Anaya Virginia N Anaya 12/03/1999 TX, Bell
Daniel C Anderson Shaquita T Anderson 12/30/2003 TX, Bell
Donald C Anderson Vickie L Anderson 12/08/2001 TX, Bell
Rafael A Andrade Sherry A Andrade 12/19/1986 TX, Bell
Daryl L Armstrong Sonya D Armstrong 12/23/1989 TX, Bell
Damon L Augustine Melissa A Augustine 12/02/1999 TX, Bell
Timothy S Bailey Nina R Bailey 12/29/2003 TX, Bell
Justin A Baker Samantha M Baker 12/19/2006 TX, Bell
Nicholas S Baker Melissa J Baker 12/21/1996 TX, Bell
Eric J Banks Janet N Banks 12/24/2006 TX, Bell
Larry G Barabas Pamela A Barabas 12/31/2000 TX, Bell
Joseph A Barber Brittany M Barber 12/28/2005 TX, Bell
Michael L Barbosa Christina L Barbosa 12/30/2004 TX, Bell
Derrick H Barker Denise Barker 12/20/1989 TX, Bell
Eric D Barnes Erika K Barnes 12/02/2005 TX, Bell
Conor M Barry Ruby K Barry 12/13/2005 TX, Bell
Keith A Bart Michelle L Bart 12/01/2000 TX, Bell
James E Bartosh Dana A Bartosh 12/19/1987 TX, Bell
Torey M Bee Lakesha S Bee 12/20/1999 TX, Bell
Eudale Bell Etta A Bell 12/31/1992 TX, Bell
Joseph A Benson Julie Benson 12/10/2008 TX, Bell
Samuel W Best Terri L Best 12/17/1988 TX, Bell
Chris M Biggs Brittany M Biggs 12/30/2006 TX, Bell
Timothy E Biggs Shari L Biggs 12/28/1995 TX, Bell
Eric G Billings Valerie A Billings 12/27/2002 TX, Bell
Romulo D Blum Suzette M Blum 12/31/1998 TX, Bell
John W Bologa Venessa R Bologa 12/27/2006 TX, Bell
Michael C Bolton Valerie M Bolton 12/13/1999 TX, Bell
James T Bowhay Kier M Bowhay 12/31/2005 TX, Bell
Ernest J Bradshaw Tammie L Bradshaw 12/30/1999 TX, Bell
Derrick W Brannan Crystal D Brannan 12/17/2003 TX, Bell
Christopher M Braseale Malissa N Braseale 12/30/2005 TX, Bell
Durelle A Braxton Lakeithia A Braxton 12/22/2005 TX, Bell
Toby D Brazeal Courtney S Brazeal 12/31/2005 TX, Bell
Todd J Bricker Susan Y Bricker 12/01/2005 TX, Bell
Rogelio Briseno Angelique Briseno 12/02/2004 TX, Bell
Stephen R Broadstreet Stephanie A Broadstreet 12/27/2002 TX, Bell
Lamar O Brooks Colleen M Brooks 12/12/2002 TX, Bell
Edward C Brown Sandra L Brown 12/02/1996 TX, Bell
Ivory R Brown Ina V Brown 12/03/2002 TX, Bell
Andre J Brunelle Alexandra Brunelle 12/06/1996 TX, Bell
Daniel J Burgos Sandra Burgos 12/18/1998 TX, Bell
Christopher P Burrows Amanda J Burrows 12/17/2005 TX, Bell
Montez Burt Raquel Burt 12/31/1998 TX, Bell
Christopher D Bush Cathy E Bush 12/31/2005 TX, Bell
Eric V Byrd Cindy K Byrd 12/17/1999 TX, Bell
Justin G Caldwell Tara B Caldwell 12/18/2004 TX, Bell
Jose Calzada Andrea Calzada 12/12/2007 TX, Bell
Vance P Camp Cathy D Camp 12/11/2001 TX, Bell
Brian L Campbell Vicki L Campbell 12/06/1996 TX, Bell
Ronnie L Campbell Gulcin N Campbell 12/26/2002 TX, Bell
Russell S Campbell Julia C Campbell 12/19/1999 TX, Bell
Alfred P Campos Melissa A Campos 12/30/2003 TX, Bell
Jose Caraballo Yvonne R Caraballo 12/26/2002 TX, Bell
Dewayne L Carpenter Tammy Carpenter 12/12/2001 TX, Bell
Michael F Carranza Darlene D Carranza 12/13/2005 TX, Bell
Robert L Casilhas Darlene K Casilhas 12/09/1994 TX, Bell
Scott P Castle Samantha L Castle 12/10/2005 TX, Bell
Pablo J Castro Deborah Castro 12/29/2001 TX, Bell
Victor M Catala Insuk Catala 12/30/1989 TX, Bell
Scott A Chambers Mitzi R Chambers 12/31/1984 TX, Bell
Justin C Chandler Heather A Chandler 12/27/2003 TX, Bell
Jeffery A Choats Chruystal A Choats 12/24/1992 TX, Bell
Kenan Cinli Samantha K Cinli 12/09/2008 TX, Bell
Carolo M Clark Yonja Clark 12/28/2000 TX, Bell
Devin K Clausen Brittney F Clausen 12/03/2005 TX, Bell
Wade M Clegg Raven N Clegg 12/20/2004 TX, Bell
Kurtis Cochrane Holly R Cochrane 12/27/2006 TX, Bell
Steve G Coker Janci R Coker 12/01/2004 TX, Bell
Courtney R Colburn Shahaliegh N Colburn 12/17/2007 TX, Bell
Stephen L Cooper Meysy A Cooper 12/27/1996 TX, Bell
Timothy L Cooper Jennifer L Cooper 12/30/2003 TX, Bell
Joseph P Corson Simone A Corson 12/12/1997 TX, Bell
Danny L Couch Melody R Couch 12/01/2004 TX, Bell
Roland R Cruz Mary P Cruz 12/16/2008 TX, Bell
Paul H Dannecker Jamiell E Dannecker 12/29/2006 TX, Bell
Jessie P Dauz Edelyn P Dauz 12/26/1998 TX, Bell
Kevin A Davis Marlene D Davis 12/14/1999 TX, Bell
Damion D Deese Jane B Deese 12/05/2008 TX, Bell
Jeremiah D Delrio Amy A Delrio 12/21/2002 TX, Bell
Matthew P Diller Kelly L Diller 12/29/1998 TX, Bell
Brian S Ditmyer Jejuan D Ditmyer 12/17/2005 TX, Bell
Adam J Dodson Tameka D Dodson 12/18/1999 TX, Bell
Steven B Dominguez Vanessa R Dominguez 12/29/1997 TX, Bell
Steven E Domser Regina D Domser 12/26/2003 TX, Bell
Victor M Dorado-Solis Mytzie J Dorado-Solis 12/31/1996 TX, Bell
William C Douglas Yvonne A Douglas 12/30/2000 TX, Bell
Nick Duarte Laura M Duarte 12/20/2004 TX, Bell
Marcus B Dudley Michaela Dudley 12/24/1992 TX, Bell
Ricardo L Duff Laurie E Duff 12/05/1984 TX, Bell
Christopher G Dyals Shanna M Dyals 12/27/1997 TX, Bell
Douglas C Eanes Debora L Eanes 12/06/1990 TX, Bell
Ronnie E Ellis Michelle D Ellis 12/23/2008 TX, Bell
Shawn E Ellis Danielle M Ellis 12/29/2006 TX, Bell
Kevin P Epperson Cheryl M Epperson 12/17/2008 TX, Bell
Nicholas D Evenson Andrea B Evenson 12/06/2003 TX, Bell
Rene Fernandez Stacey L Fernandez 12/23/1997 TX, Bell
Charles M Ferrell Leona A Ferrell 12/26/1997 TX, Bell
Armando Ferrer Sharolyn M Ferrer 12/12/2001 TX, Bell
Norris W Fields Keiba M Fields 12/24/1997 TX, Bell
Aaron B Firle Annalisa S Firle 12/08/2000 TX, Bell
Michael B Fisher April L Fisher 12/31/1999 TX, Bell
Chad E Flinchum Erika M Flinchum 12/26/2005 TX, Bell
Johnathan R Floria Jennifer L Floria 12/22/2004 TX, Bell
Michael A Forney Renay T Forney 12/30/2005 TX, Bell
James M Fox Judy K Fox 12/19/2007 TX, Bell
Alex M Franco Cynthia A Franco 12/16/1994 TX, Bell
James L Freeman Katherine E Freeman 12/26/2004 TX, Bell
Donald J Freer Sharon L Freer 12/28/1963 TX, Bell
Weldon R Fritz Judith A Fritz 12/21/1989 TX, Bell
Timmie T Fuewell Mandy Fuewell 12/23/1994 TX, Bell
Jan Z Galindo Ashley M Galindo 12/29/2004 TX, Bell
Joe A Garcia Michelle Garcia 12/28/1996 TX, Bell
Steven J Garcia Tanny D Garcia 12/30/2003 TX, Bell
Antwan O Garner Joeann T Garner 12/28/1995 TX, Bell
Alberto Garza Renee A Garza 12/06/2007 TX, Bell
Anthony B Gaskins Christine Gaskins 12/30/2000 TX, Bell
Oneil D Gaynor Tiffancy N Gaynor 12/28/2006 TX, Bell
David L German Erin M German 12/28/2001 TX, Bell
Brian J Geschke Amber D Geschke 12/23/2000 TX, Bell
Taubah A Gilbert Joann C Gilbert 12/10/2008 TX, Bell
Phillip Gillin Charity L Gillin 12/31/2005 TX, Bell
Nathan W Gillis Francine A Gillis 12/30/1999 TX, Bell
Jonathan Gonzales Sarah Gonzales 12/20/2005 TX, Bell
Terry M Gooch Diedre M Gooch 12/25/2001 TX, Bell
Dillon B Gooding Rita Gooding 12/31/1991 TX, Bell
Christopher J Graham Patricia L Graham 12/22/2003 TX, Bell
Lonnie Grant Nancy Y Grant 12/11/1998 TX, Bell
Jason A Gray Chelsea R Gray 12/20/2004 TX, Bell
Perry T Grayson Michele Grayson 12/30/1998 TX, Bell
Roger C Green Jo A Green 12/25/2006 TX, Bell
Daniel S Greider Marisol Y Greider 12/30/1998 TX, Bell
Otis Griffin Melissa L Griffin 12/27/2002 TX, Bell
David M Groce Kriste R Groce 12/08/2004 TX, Bell
Guillermo A Gutierrez Rayma L Gutierrez 12/30/2004 TX, Bell
Michael D Guynn Carmella J Guynn 12/03/1996 TX, Bell
Cody D Hall Stephanie E Hall 12/21/2004 TX, Bell
Jeffrey D Halsell Alyson R Halsell 12/20/2007 TX, Bell
Joshua D Hamann Victoria L Hamann 12/02/2005 TX, Bell
Ronnie D Hamburg Laurett Hamburg 12/05/1995 TX, Bell
Jeremy C Hanson Angela N Hanson 12/21/2004 TX, Bell
Desmond W Hardrict Shekina L Hardrict 12/09/1999 TX, Bell
Randall S Harrell Genevieve E Harrell 12/20/2001 TX, Bell
Sanjay Harrell Henrietta Harrell 12/28/2006 TX, Bell
Clive Harris Laurie Harris 12/16/1999 TX, Bell
Dan E Harris Violet M Harris 12/06/1999 TX, Bell
Vincent T Harris Aida V Harris 12/06/2005 TX, Bell
Gene K Harrison Leslie C Harrison 12/21/1996 TX, Bell
Josh J Hartman Erin S Hartman 12/15/2000 TX, Bell
Randy A Hatfield Thersa L Hatfield 12/06/2001 TX, Bell
John J Haulotte Kayla R Haulotte 12/02/2002 TX, Bell
Joseph C Hausmann Tiana N Hausmann 12/02/2005 TX, Bell
Brian M Haynes Lesada T Haynes 12/09/2006 TX, Bell
Joshua J Haynes Hollie K Haynes 12/30/2005 TX, Bell
Aldo M Herrera Krystle R Herrera 12/05/2005 TX, Bell
J C Hill Patricia N Hill 12/19/2004 TX, Bell
Lewis N Hill Tina R Hill 12/20/1994 TX, Bell
James H Hooper Rosa I Hooper 12/16/2003 TX, Bell
Shaun W Hornberger Loni R Hornberger 12/31/2004 TX, Bell
Mark S Howard Andrea E Howard 12/19/1992 TX, Bell
Willie B Howard Lupece M Howard 12/31/1986 TX, Bell
Richard A Hulett Kimberly R Hulett 12/31/1997 TX, Bell
Billy C Humphries Alyssa M Humphries 12/20/2003 TX, Bell
Bradley W Hunnicutt Sarah R Hunnicutt 12/02/2006 TX, Bell
Ronny G Hunt Wendy A Hunt 12/21/2005 TX, Bell
Anthony M Hunter Ruby A Hunter 12/31/2006 TX, Bell
Hector Irizarry Johanna Irizarry 12/22/2001 TX, Bell
Robert A Islas Sonya L Islas 12/07/2007 TX, Bell
Danville R Jacobs Taralynn J Jacobs 12/10/1993 TX, Bell
Scott E Jelinek Claire J Jelinek 12/16/2004 TX, Bell
Robby D Jenkins Marina A Jenkins 12/22/1995 TX, Bell
Anthony M Johnson Norka Johnson 12/23/2002 TX, Bell
Christopher G Johnson Erica L Johnson 12/25/1998 TX, Bell
Cleo D Johnson Crystal S Johnson 12/04/2007 TX, Bell
Curtis A Johnson Shealeana M Johnson 12/21/2002 TX, Bell
Matthew T Johnson Sara G Johnson 12/22/1995 TX, Bell
William Johnson Makesha T Johnson 12/17/1994 TX, Bell
Edwin R Johnston Gwendolyn M Johnston 12/05/1995 TX, Bell
Anthony R Jones Silke Jones 12/15/1995 TX, Bell
Chester J Jones Sandra E Jones 12/22/2003 TX, Bell
Jeremy B Jones Jennifer N Jones 12/02/2002 TX, Bell
Stacey A Kabler Jennifer A Kabler 12/03/1998 TX, Bell
Brandon M Kahler Erinn E Kahler 12/28/2004 TX, Bell
Charles R Keith Cinthia Keith 12/16/2002 TX, Bell
Christian D Kelley Kristy L Kelley 12/26/2004 TX, Bell
Keith C Kelln Sue E Kelln 12/19/1998 TX, Bell
Jeffrey W Kelly Deborah L Kelly 12/20/1986 TX, Bell
Christopher L Kennedy Caitlin J Kennedy 12/27/2004 TX, Bell
Edward E Kennedy Jennifer L Kennedy 12/22/2000 TX, Bell
Viphakone Keoaroun Sayaka Keoaroun 12/07/2004 TX, Bell
Dale S Kirksey Stephanie B Kirksey 12/20/2007 TX, Bell
Derek W Kram Ashley Kram 12/20/2007 TX, Bell
Jean R Lamour Nancie Lamour 12/23/2002 TX, Bell
Miguel Laraballo Jessica Laraballo 12/22/2001 TX, Bell
Young S Lee Toong H Lee 12/12/1978 TX, Bell
Anthony M Lewis Leatha A Lewis 12/01/2006 TX, Bell
Arnold D Light Cathy D Light 12/11/2008 TX, Bell
Jospeh T Loeffler Tabitha L Loeffler 12/04/1992 TX, Bell

According to the CDC, the five states with the highest divorce rates are:

Nevada at 5.6
West Virginia at 5.2
Arkansas at 5.3
Idaho at 4.9
Oklahoma at 5.2

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