Divorce Records | December

Lack of commitment is the most common reason given by divorcing couples according to a recent national survey. Here are the reasons given and their percentages:
communication problems
loss of connection
infidelity/trust issues
physical or emotional abuse
alcohol and drug addiction
financial problems
work/time pressures
family interference
physical health or mental health issues

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Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Marshal W Anderson Angela M Anderson 12/14/2001 TX, Anderson
Refugiio C Bamentez Juana Bamentez 12/06/1996 TX, Anderson
Edward S Birdow Natalie N Birdow 12/29/2003 TX, Anderson
Edward L Bradley Wyvetta D Bradley 12/13/1991 TX, Anderson
Clayton E Collinsworth Jennifer L Collinsworth 12/11/1995 TX, Anderson
David M Giles Monnie R Giles 12/09/2000 TX, Anderson
Duane H Green Dorothy M Green 12/31/2004 TX, Anderson
John E Howell Virginia Howell 12/05/2008 TX, Anderson
Michael S Howell Martha L Howell 12/17/1977 TX, Anderson
Ryan S Kirkpatrick Kelly A Kirkpatrick 12/12/2003 TX, Anderson
John E Lawless Melody D Lawless 12/19/2008 TX, Anderson
Michael S Lindsey Shelley M Lindsey 12/16/1989 TX, Anderson
Jose Lopez Alma R Lopez 12/23/2003 TX, Anderson
Bryan S Lucas Leslie I Lucas 12/07/1999 TX, Anderson
Judson K Mcallister Linda E Mcallister 12/13/2003 TX, Anderson
David W Pendland Carol F Pendland 12/30/1972 TX, Anderson
Brian T Samford Misty M Samford 12/18/1993 TX, Anderson
Kenneth Singletrary Crystal J Singletrary 12/17/1988 TX, Anderson
James E Swann Wanda G Swann 12/11/1999 TX, Anderson
Adolf P Sylva Alesia A Sylva 12/31/1988 TX, Anderson
Edward S Teems Leslie N Teems 12/17/2002 TX, Anderson
Rafael D Terrell Corinna M Terrell 12/12/2003 TX, Anderson
Adam D Townzen Samantha D Townzen 12/14/2002 TX, Anderson
Reyes Z Gonzalez Marisela G Gonzalez 12/23/1996 TX, Andrews
Pedro V Hernandez Paulita Hernandez 12/25/1965 TX, Andrews
Mark E Landolt Belinda M Landolt 12/30/2004 TX, Andrews
John D Lopez Rachel A Lopez 12/22/2007 TX, Andrews
Rusty L Rider Priscilla Rider 12/19/1998 TX, Andrews
Dustin L Mcleroy Sharon D Mcleroy 12/18/2006 TX, Angelina
Dustin L Mcleroy Sharon D Mcleroy 12/18/2006 TX, Angelina
Kenneth Smith Claudia Smith 12/19/1995 TX, Angelina
James T Acosta Glenda G Acosta 12/31/2005 TX, Angelina
Guadalupe Alvarez Felicia A Alvarez 12/13/1992 TX, Angelina
Kirby L Bailey Amelia G Bailey 12/16/1995 TX, Angelina
Kyle Barnes Ashley Barnes 12/28/2004 TX, Angelina
Bill G Bianchini Kristi Bianchini 12/17/2007 TX, Angelina
Jeffrey K Brewington Sandra C Brewington 12/30/1999 TX, Angelina
Eugene M Brunkenhoefer Cynthia R Brunkenhoefer 12/05/1987 TX, Angelina
Gregorio S Castino Elidia M Castino 12/04/1979 TX, Angelina
Clifton C Clonts Marian Clonts 12/18/1971 TX, Angelina
Dennis L Cochran Lisa K Cochran 12/20/1986 TX, Angelina
Gregory M Cordova Patricia A Cordova 12/01/1997 TX, Angelina
Donald D Coulter Lori A Coulter 12/02/1992 TX, Angelina
Christopher D Cunningham Monica B Cunningham 12/18/2008 TX, Angelina
Michael T Davis Wendy P Davis 12/12/1968 TX, Angelina
Therman Davis Patricia A Davis 12/07/2007 TX, Angelina
Robert B Denby Shannon N Denby 12/03/2005 TX, Angelina
Gary M Dowdy Elaine M Dowdy 12/02/2005 TX, Angelina
Daniel L Downey Karen D Downey 12/01/2006 TX, Angelina
John D Flowers Pamela L Flowers 12/24/1991 TX, Angelina
Wayne Fondren Katherine D Fondren 12/23/1988 TX, Angelina
Latarian T Forney Sarah B Forney 12/15/2000 TX, Angelina
Alan W Forsythe Stephanie R Forsythe 12/07/2002 TX, Angelina
James H Gillham Araceli A Gillham 12/21/1991 TX, Angelina
Byron T Goodson Angela J Goodson 12/09/1994 TX, Angelina
Donald K Grimes Sherrie L Grimes 12/31/1984 TX, Angelina
Eduardo Hernandez Veronica Hernandez 12/09/2000 TX, Angelina
Jamey D Hicks Ashley B Hicks 12/17/2005 TX, Angelina
Marvin L Hines Gina Hines 12/28/1996 TX, Angelina
Joel Jasso Ashley R Jasso 12/16/2008 TX, Angelina
Bronson L Jordan Maelene Jordan 12/16/1995 TX, Angelina
Albert R Larabell Carolyn M Larabell 12/27/1993 TX, Angelina
Kenneth R Loftin Amber M Loftin 12/07/2007 TX, Angelina
Larry G Marshall Donna B Marshall 12/15/1973 TX, Angelina
Medardo R Medina Patricia Medina 12/02/1989 TX, Angelina
Simon A Mewborn Dana B Mewborn 12/22/2008 TX, Angelina
James V Morgan Heather R Morgan 12/06/2006 TX, Angelina
Ricky L Morris Karen S Morris 12/01/1995 TX, Angelina
Volney E Parker Patsy A Parker 12/20/2007 TX, Angelina
Steve Patterson Melanie Patterson 12/23/1985 TX, Angelina
David B Porter Ginnie M Porter 12/15/2007 TX, Angelina
Gregory A Powell Sherine Powell 12/19/2008 TX, Angelina
Michael W Ramsey Vicki N Ramsey 12/01/1990 TX, Angelina
Jason R Rawlinson Jodie J Rawlinson 12/11/2003 TX, Angelina
Charles L Robertson Trisha L Robertson 12/14/2001 TX, Angelina
Ivis A Salazar Jessica C Salazar 12/31/2006 TX, Angelina
Garland Sullender Brenda Sullender 12/19/1987 TX, Angelina
John W Temple Kimberly A Temple 12/24/2007 TX, Angelina
Vincent R Treadwell Julie M Treadwell 12/14/1985 TX, Angelina
Ross G Ulcock Tammy W Ulcock 12/07/2007 TX, Angelina
Jesus Vasquez Charissa A Vasquez 12/28/2002 TX, Angelina
Joel L Walker Christina Walker 12/13/2004 TX, Angelina
Bill Wallace Rhonda Wallace 12/05/2008 TX, Angelina
Judd C Williamson Kathleen C Williamson 12/02/1977 TX, Angelina
Frank M Willson Kimberly D Willson 12/24/2003 TX, Angelina
Rollin R Wilson Brenda A Wilson 12/27/2006 TX, Angelina
Donald J Wyman Elizabeth A Wyman 12/19/2007 TX, Angelina
Francisco A Yam Vickie D Yam 12/30/1999 TX, Angelina
Philip A Blankenship Jamie R Blankenship 12/22/2001 TX, Aransas
Galen M Cain Karen G Cain 12/11/1982 TX, Aransas
David T Cordova Melissa B Cordova 12/11/2004 TX, Aransas
Nelson E Domaschk Corina C Domaschk 12/31/2006 TX, Aransas
Thomas A Hill Stephanie A Hill 12/09/1995 TX, Aransas
Tryone Hosey Esmeralda Hosey 12/05/1995 TX, Aransas
Alvin Huffman Diane K Huffman 12/09/1993 TX, Aransas
James S Kirk Mary K Kirk 12/27/2002 TX, Aransas
Robert L Long Rebecca L Long 12/30/2004 TX, Aransas
Delfino Lopez Maria Lopez 12/23/1982 TX, Aransas
Zachery R Lopez Rosa L Lopez 12/01/2005 TX, Aransas
Alberto Martinez Anne E Martinez 12/07/2002 TX, Aransas
Michael D Mcdermott Sandra L Mcdermott 12/21/1996 TX, Aransas
Jimmie V North Patsy C North 12/28/1996 TX, Aransas
Douglas R Coleman Laura A Coleman 12/31/1975 TX, Archer
Charles N Dacy Jennifer S Dacy 12/16/1995 TX, Archer
Paul T Guyette Kristen N Guyette 12/30/2003 TX, Archer
Brian A Holmes Courtney M Holmes 12/01/2007 TX, Archer
Kirby C Mills Sally R Mills 12/17/1983 TX, Archer
Brian R Sorgee Kellie A Sorgee 12/27/2002 TX, Archer
Kenneth D Wooldridge Tammy M Wooldridge 12/11/2004 TX, Archer
Frank W Balaszi Angelina L Balaszi 12/15/1986 TX, Atascosa
Joseph A Chavarria Brenda N Chavarria 12/16/2000 TX, Atascosa
Cecil W Daniel Katherine Daniel 12/31/1976 TX, Atascosa
James T Engelmann Janie R Engelmann 12/19/1993 TX, Atascosa
Chad E Fisher Charlene C Fisher 12/07/2000 TX, Atascosa
David T Murray Natasha A Murray 12/16/2000 TX, Atascosa
Jerome R Myrick Rustie D Myrick 12/20/2002 TX, Atascosa
Melvin R Pendergrass Nicole L Pendergrass 12/09/2000 TX, Atascosa
Fernando Serna Lilia G Serna 12/29/1993 TX, Atascosa
Thomas F Weatherford Donna S Weatherford 12/15/2001 TX, Atascosa
Matthew C Wilson Madeline C Wilson 12/30/2005 TX, Atascosa
Zoch A Allen Michelle Allen 12/27/1991 TX, Austin
Chase M Conover Marie C Conover 12/17/2005 TX, Austin
Curtis P Conrad Dreda A Conrad 12/07/1992 TX, Austin
James E Harrison Leisha A Harrison 12/15/1985 TX, Austin
Arlon Hartman Sherry F Hartman 12/28/1996 TX, Austin
Joshua G Keith Kaci N Keith 12/19/2003 TX, Austin
Sam Kreidie Lana A Kreidie 12/08/2006 TX, Austin
James R Mahaffey Diana E Mahaffey 12/09/1989 TX, Austin
Richard C Moore Anna K Moore 12/15/2001 TX, Austin
Glenn W Peikert Herie Peikert 12/09/2005 TX, Austin
Cody W Rogers Angelina C Rogers 12/31/2004 TX, Austin
Alan Scarbrough Faith E Scarbrough 12/17/1990 TX, Austin
Aldon B Crabtree Debra A Crabtree 12/08/2008 TX, Bailey
Manuel B Diaz Laura P Diaz 12/14/2002 TX, Bailey
Adam L Nelson Charlee A Nelson 12/23/2000 TX, Bailey
Jose V Reyes Laura A Reyes 12/01/1995 TX, Bailey
Jessie L Calbat Shaunda M Calbat 12/21/2004 TX, Bandera
Michael Clemenson Anna Clemenson 12/24/1991 TX, Bandera
Nathan R Day Stephanie Day 12/25/2005 TX, Bandera
Terry D Knibbe Dheryl D Knibbe 12/16/2008 TX, Bandera
David F Rohrbach Nancy H Rohrbach 12/16/1989 TX, Bandera
Daniel T Rutledge Valerie S Rutledge 12/30/1988 TX, Bandera
Anthony P Umina Sandra J Umina 12/21/1971 TX, Bandera
James C Vail Carol C Vail 12/10/1995 TX, Bandera
Richard Wagner Maria Wagner 12/19/1993 TX, Bandera
Ralph L Willis Betty J Willis 12/06/2002 TX, Bandera
Jose S Aguirre Deanya A Aguirre 12/02/2003 TX, Bastrop
Francisco J Araujo Janie A Araujo 12/18/2007 TX, Bastrop
James M Bravon Barbara J Bravon 12/05/1997 TX, Bastrop
Terry D Brewer Martha J Brewer 12/23/2005 TX, Bastrop
Jeffery F Brown Lupe Brown 12/28/1974 TX, Bastrop
Marcus J Brown Majella A Brown 12/03/2005 TX, Bastrop
Mickey Carroll Linda Carroll 12/18/2004 TX, Bastrop
Jose L Castillo Ysenia Castillo 12/07/2002 TX, Bastrop
Julian S Castillo Maria S Castillo 12/14/2001 TX, Bastrop
Lyce Cooper Leah Cooper 12/11/1993 TX, Bastrop
Barton Christopher Davis Jennifer R Davis 12/21/2006 TX, Bastrop
Michael J Dodge Antoinette B Dodge 12/17/1988 TX, Bastrop
Jose I Espini Guadalupe M Espini 12/15/2008 TX, Bastrop
Nicholas A Finrentini Michelle D Finrentini 12/02/1993 TX, Bastrop
Larry D Frost Rachel E Frost 12/06/2007 TX, Bastrop
Juan P Gaona Maria D Gaona 12/23/1989 TX, Bastrop
Antonio Garcia Guadalupe Garcia 12/09/1999 TX, Bastrop
Jose Gonzalez Maribel Gonzalez 12/22/1994 TX, Bastrop
Johann M Haire Adriana Haire 12/08/1998 TX, Bastrop
Michael L Herman Mary E Herman 12/18/2008 TX, Bastrop
Robert S Horner Teresa Horner 12/14/1996 TX, Bastrop
Gary S Ignal Daniela Ignal 12/21/1994 TX, Bastrop
Eben D Jones Catherine M Jones 12/26/1969 TX, Bastrop
George F Jones Manan L Jones 12/16/1989 TX, Bastrop
Leslie C Kasper Elvie Kasper 12/21/2007 TX, Bastrop
David W Kopczynski Catrina M Kopczynski 12/12/1999 TX, Bastrop
Darrell T Kouba Becki D Kouba 12/30/2006 TX, Bastrop
John D Lilley Robin L Lilley 12/08/2001 TX, Bastrop
James K Linder Janis C Linder 12/15/1979 TX, Bastrop
Richard C Mangiamele Susan M Mangiamele 12/02/2007 TX, Bastrop
Armando Martell Maria D Martell 12/11/1993 TX, Bastrop
Ira J Mitchell Chanda D Mitchell 12/01/2001 TX, Bastrop
Salome Ortega Victoria A Ortega 12/08/2000 TX, Bastrop
Roy A Starling Kristin M Starling 12/13/2003 TX, Bastrop
Hames Tomlinson Morgan L Tomlinson 12/28/2004 TX, Bastrop
Mcihael R Vaughn Christina L Vaughn 12/09/2001 TX, Bastrop
Christopher B Walsh Lenel W Walsh 12/22/1975 TX, Bastrop
Lance L Willard Anna M Willard 12/19/1997 TX, Bastrop
Paul A Zimmerman Love S Zimmerman 12/30/2000 TX, Bastrop
Richard M Delacruz Mindy R Delacruz 12/28/1996 TX, Baylor
Michael D Williams Christi D Williams 12/27/2002 TX, Baylor
Dale Blankenship Dana J Blankenship 12/19/2003 TX, Bee
Alfonso Campos Jessica L Campos 12/29/2003 TX, Bee
Romero Flores Beverly J Flores 12/27/1997 TX, Bee
Randy G Gutierrez Maria S Gutierrez 12/01/1996 TX, Bee
Jude A Hernandez Patricia L Hernandez 12/28/1990 TX, Bee
Sean O Johnson Laura E Johnson 12/03/2004 TX, Bee
Larry E Kile Debbie M Kile 12/05/1992 TX, Bee
Gregorio B Molina Elvira Molina 12/12/1986 TX, Bee
Ralph V Stubenthal Vickie A Stubenthal 12/08/1990 TX, Bee
Keith A Benolken Geri L Benolken 12/23/2002 TX, Bell
Keith A Benolken Seri L Benolken 12/23/2002 TX, Bell
Christopher M Kelley Vanessa M Kelley 12/23/2004 TX, Bell
Buckley Acosta Amanda M Acosta 12/09/2008 TX, Bell

According to the CDC, the five states with the highest divorce rates are:

Nevada at 5.6
West Virginia at 5.2
Arkansas at 5.3
Idaho at 4.9
Oklahoma at 5.2

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