Divorce Records | April

IN matters of divorce, men have different needs and they usually have to deal with considerable financial pressure on top of the mounting costs of the divorce itself, especially if children are involved.

In most divorce cases, it is the male who carries the burden of alimony. Men must be protected from overages in calculation so a fair assessment must be made. The problem is multiplied when there are children. The husband must get a lawyer who specializes in divorce for men, not just general divorce.

Women are often given lots of free legal advice and have many resources to turn to, but men need their own organizations too.You can consult with ADAM (American Divorce Association for Men) because they are primarily concerned with the needs of the husband during divorce.

    By consulting Adam and other organizations, he’ll get to understand his rights in alimony and child custody.

Family finances are usually examined by the court handling the case and it will be divided accordingly. Aside from the legal services, a lawyer can help provide you with a parenting plan so that you can still have a good relationship with your children. Attorneys can also recommend therapists and counselors specialized in these issues.

You can search our resources page for some free attorneys. Be certain that you choose an attorney who specializes in men’s divorce. Some have better experience with women’s rights which is not what you need at this time. Also check out some of the many excellent online forums with discussion boards on divorce. You are certain to find men in similar circumstances.

Once you’ve chosen a suitable attorney, you must make full disclosure and review everything. Don’t keep anything from the attorney and try to treat them as your best friend. The attorney/client privilege protects you from exposure. Right now, your attorney is the only person you can trust, aside from your family. Once you’ve decided how to move forward on everything, the issues should work themselves out in a relatively predictable manner with any luck.

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