Divorce Records | October

According to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Illinois:

First Marriages: 45% to 50% marriages end in divorce

Second Marriages:  60% to 67% marriages end in divorce

Third Marriages:  70% to 73% marriages end in divorce.

What does this mean?  That marriage is not a safe bet or something to be entered into lightly.  Especially if you are getting married for a second or third time. Read More …

Divorce Records | September

September is the 2nd largest boom time of the year for divorce after January. The stress and strain of the summer holiday when normal routines are broken and families often end up spending a lot more quality time together can take its toll. If you have a good solid foundation to your marriage then you will be able to ride the waves when they appear. However if the marriage is already shaky then summer holidays can rock it to the core.

Families with kids will have their term time routine thrown into chaos as the children are off school for 6-8 weeks at a time. Partners often have different expectations of holiday time. I often hear that mum’s need a break from the children and Dad’s need a break from work. So arguments arise when nobody wants to do the mundane housework or entertain the kids all day long. Read More …

Divorce Records | August

This guide will help you to find records held at The National Archives for divorce and separation. You are unlikely to find documents for any divorce since 1937 among our records. Read More …

Divorce Records | July

Divorce is not about filling out forms, it is about thinking things out and making sound decisions.

The legal process for divorce may also involve issues of spousal support, chld custody, child support, distribution of property and division of debt.

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Divorce Records | June

Information about divorced couples.
According to statistics the largest quantity of divorces were registered in state Oklahoma in June

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Divorce Records | April

IN matters of divorce, men have different needs and they usually have to deal with considerable financial pressure on top of the mounting costs of the divorce itself, especially if children are involved.

In most divorce cases, it is the male who carries the burden of alimony. Men must be protected from overages in calculation so a fair assessment must be made. The problem is multiplied when there are children. The husband must get a lawyer who specializes in divorce for men, not just general divorce.

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Divorce Records | March

A Public Divorce Record is a very important record. Divorce Records Search can help you verify if the subject is legally divorced.

Divorce Records Search helps you search a comprehensive Divorce Database of millions of records. Divorce Search will check thousands of sources, public databases, and proprietary search databases and let you download and view USA Divorce Records within a few minutes.

You can get the divorce report you are looking for easily and effortlessly right from here without anyone ever finding you out.

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Divorce Records | February

February may be the month of love, but this month is also part of divorce season. It may seem counter-intuitive with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, but there’s an unfortunate spike in divorce filings between February and March every year.

Need to know information about Divorce Records

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