Why Cheat?

Marriage-Divorce Why Women Cheat?

For ladies, the motive for cheating her husband isn’t sex. Most girls cheat to get an emotional link. This truth is rather common amongst girls over age 30. It’s been discovered that girls can have a psychological relationship with another individual without taking it into the level that was physiological.
When ignorance is there in the husband’s conclusion, women pick the path of adultery. They begin a connection with other individual only for the sake of nothing and love else.When girls aren’t fulfilled emotionally they start an affair with another individual whom she awakens.

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Remarriage After Divorce Statistics

Generally speaking, people have a tendency to frown upon remarriages which take place after a marriage. Society has warped minds in such a way that we have become distrustful of an individual’s ability to maintain a marital life after he or she has failed to do so once previously. That and sometimes people tend to frown upon the fact that a person is remarrying too soon after a breakup, certain about the neediness of a person. We look at some of the facts and numbers related to remarriage after divorce statistics in America to dismiss or confirm myths about the topic.

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No Fault Divorce Statistics

No fault divorce have been the newest concept introduced in American legislations, pertaining to marriage ends. First come into effect in 1969 in most parts of the country, no fault breakup was a revolution of sorts when it was first introduced. The entire purpose of the concept was to ensure that individuals, especially women, did not have to undergo additional stress and inconveniences while attempting to go through with a legal termination of relationship, itself a stressful and painful process, without the element of legal entanglements stepping in to complicate matters even further.

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Money and Divorce Statistics

Too much has been made about money and divorce statistics, and one of these reasons had to do with the massive recession the United States of America has been facing since the year 2008, and is only now showing signs of recovery, a full four years after Wall Street crumbled and the recession hit us with the severity of a mass destructive ice storm. But is it true that the current financial depression is really affecting breakup rates in the country by a huge margin? Or is the effect of the nationwide money crunch on marital relationship failure overstated by the social media outlets? We have all the important information regarding money based split-up rates in the country, below:

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Military Divorce Statistics

Lately, advancing military divorce statistics have been plaguing many families. The stress and long stretches of separation due to the demanding and high stakes job in the military takes a toll on the relationship between the person serving in the military and with his or her spouse. There are many initiatives taken by even the government to ensure the stability of military homes, providing incentives for military personnel to get married and then give them further benefits if their marriage lasts for a stipulated duration of time. But is this enough to save the ongoing issue of military breakups? Here, we look at the marriage and split-up rates in the military as well as the current patterns and causes for the trend among military families today. We start with the bare facts, that is the rate of break-off in military homes:

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Marriage and Divorce Statistics

We had a quick overview of the various statistics pertaining to legal separation in the United States of America. This page will serve as a sister page to that one, as here we delve into the marriage and breakup proportion in the United States, through the years, and the relation between the two over the years. In fact, let us begin with that very aspect of marriage and divorce statistics in America.

The Relationship between Marriage and breakup Statistics in the US

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Gay Divorce Statistics

When it comes to the media and the current social atmosphere in the United States of America, one of the most pressing issues today is the topic of gay marriage and gay divorce statistics. A highly controversial subject, citizens of the country have found themselves to be divided over the topic. On the one hand, we have representatives of the conservative Republican political party, declaring that marriage is a “sacred institution” between only a man and a woman, and by that very definition, excluding many couples from the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Straight)

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Divorce Stats For 1st, 2nd & 3rd marriages

According to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Illinois: First Marriages: 45% to 50% marriages end in divorce Second Marriages:  60% to 67% marriages end in divorce Third Marriages:  70% to 73% marriages end in divorce. What does this mean?  That marriage is not a safe bet or something to be … Read more

Divorce Statistics of Women

There have been a lot of discussions regarding divorce statistics of women and the effect it has on their mentality. What are the psychological effects a broken marriage has on a woman? Has the wave of women empowerment made the fairer sex independent and along with it, more confident in fending for themselves and bolder in deciding an end to an unsatisfying wedding. There are multiple ways one could draw conclusions based on rising breakup rates and the number of single moms or independent, legally separated women making a living for themselves. First let us see the history between working women and the rise in split-up rates.

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Divorce Statistics in America

Ever wondered why the divorce statistics in America has reached an all time high of 54.8%? Were you even aware that the statistics was all that high to begin with?

Well, it is true that there have been a number of marriage breakups has shot up incredibly over the past few years, and while 54.8% may be a rough estimation, it is safe to say that half, if not more than half, of American marriages, ends in judicial split-up. There are a number of reasons cited for break ups, ranging from the wrong and completely inaccurate concept of “love” which couples harbor in their minds thanks to the wrong image purported by film, literature and other media, in addition to reasons like the pressures put forth by demanding and hectic lifestyles and work schedules, made even more dire by the fact that we are currently in an economic recession and so cannot really afford the “homemaker and bread winning partner” kind of family template.

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